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Matt Tomsu from Omaha Nebraska qualified 3rd out of 184 bowlers at the Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open and was in the 6th frame of his first match when he delivered what he thought was a strike. Unfortunately for him, the head pin did not cooperate as it stood back up denying him a bid at a perfect game. Both he and his opponent Tony Manna were perfect through 5 frames until this oddity occurred.

Recorded LIVE from Maple Lanes in Waterloo, Iowa on Sunday Feb 26th 2017.

Commentators: Mike Flanagan (InsideBowling.com) & Nate Johnson (Local Bowler)

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  1. Wow, the head pin, goes off the wall, takes out the 4 and the 7 and bounces off the 7 pin and stands up. Crazy

  2. Great detective work Dana and equally great description. Wierd that there was such initial agreement that it was the head pin. Thx for your passion!

  3. I don’t have bowling technique, but playing tennis and pitching softball helped. In bowling, I got 5 strikes in a row by throwing the ball at least one third to one half the way down. I guess I cut down on the floor surface tension, which helped.
    Luckily I didn’t get management tension…

  4. I heard that later that night while he was getting ready for bed, he put his toothbrush away and when he closed the medicine cabinet….THE PIN WAS RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!!!

    1. SLVMBER there are so many comments with hundreds, even thousands of likes that I’m just like “well that was pretty funny”. This one has me crying and I wish I could share that with the world 😂

  5. I would’ve laughed out of anger and disbelief which would’ve made me madder because I’m laughing. That was definitely a SUPER rare moment.

  6. I don’t even play bowling much at all expect for a few times a year. This happened to me once though. Definitely not one in a billion.

  7. I’ve actually had something similar happen. Ive had the 3 pin go out to the right and stand up in the 10 pin spot stopping a strike.

  8. I was bowling at T-Bowl in Wayne, NJ for an Adult/Youth JBT tournament and I don’t remember where my ball hit but it was somewhere on the right side. I left the 2-4-5-8-9 or something like that. Some pin comes out of nowhere and smacks a pin perfectly onto where the 9-Pin would be. My friend looked at me and said, “Are we doing a 6-Point challenge?”. Meanwhile my dad bowls a strike and is looking back at my lane as he walks back to the set-tee area confused.

  9. Osku palermaa had a shot where the 3rd pin posed as the tenth pin and he taught it a lesson by throwing a 30+mph ball at it

  10. This pin has actually come to life since this video and is actually the bartender at the lanes this was filmed at. True story.

  11. I’m guessing the standing pin was hit by the balling ball to the left, hitting the left pin before it went left, then the right before it went in. When it hit both they were so close together it made it so the pin got into the ‘straight up’ state and it couldn’t turn, and it landed on the platform thingamajig, still in the standing up state because it didn’t have time to turn. That’s likely why one pin was still left.

  12. About 5 years ago a right handed teammate of mine threw a pocket hit and left the 3 pin. None of us were sure what pin it started out as. Somehow one of the pins came from the left side and ended up nearly perfectly in the 3 pin position.

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