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  1. This helps a lot. I have been focusing on my release, but not the backswing. Whan you say the elbow is inside, This means the elbow is closer to the body than the wrist. When you say the hand is inside at release, is the ball turned toward my leg. In the video at the last example, when the ball is at his ankle, it looks like the ball is turned toward the leg with hand on outside.

  2. I’ve been wondering what it was and now I’m figuring it out what I was missing. But this still looks harder than it seems.

  3. Machuga has one of the best all around games I’ve seen. One of my 2-3 most favorite bowlers. I wish he still bowled on tour.

  4. This is something I’ve never seen on a bowling video; all bowling videos I’ve ever seen about hooking the ball talked about the hand position at the bottom of the swing…..never about bringing that elbow in. Great instructional video….thank you coach Shady.

    1. @Louie Atienza there’s more to it than just that……I keep my hand on the inside of the ball yet I have a habit of getting my upper arm away from the torso….and as a result, I don’t get as much hook. What coach Shady is stressing here is to get that upper arm really tucked into the body; this is what allows you to really get the spin (hook) on the ball.

  5. This is very helpful for me because I’ve had trouble with my elbow going to the outside and me not even knowing and it would cause me to readjust and would cause me to pull the ball

  6. Really is a very good tip, but isn’t secret. If you goes to read BARE BONES BOWLING from BRIAN VOSS, this topic is explained for him in his book. In the book, Brian explain and give you a couple of tips about how you can to do a negative angle. One is try to squeeze your armpit like you’ve got a hundred dollar bill. Or replacing the right knee for the ball in the downswing

  7. Glad you got machuga! His swing is flawless. He makes it look so easy playing the inside . I can only play the outside by keeping my hand up the back of it. If I play in- my ball will miss the pocket by a few boards to the right. It’s very frustrating!!! This video is so good and gives me something to work on next time I’m at the lanes.

  8. Now this makes sense. However, I would advise people first to watch Mark Baker’s DVD called The System. Also his book is great too. Once you learn those things, then come back and try this. If your fundamentals are off, this probably isn’t a good thing to try.

  9. In order to get that hook, it looks like the shoulders are leaned a little more. This makes sense because this gives him room to swing it more to the inside. The first shot his shoulders look slightly more square, but you really have to look to see the difference. Well this is another adjustment I’ll keep in mind as well as changing ball speeds.

  10. The other thing I notice (and again it’s slight) he’s more around the side on the second shot. He’s slightly more up the back when he plays straighter. But this is obviously a result of that swing. So this also tells me if you’re playing a longer pattern, I can move right and hook the heck out of it if I don’t have to worry about we/dry. But if the lanes calls to move right and I get too much snap off of the track area, then I might want to do more of the first shot. Again, these are some interesting tips I did not think of until I saw this.


  12. I think I should thank youtube first for putting this on my homescreen literally the morning after a rough night and filming myself and trying so hard to get my hand behind the ball but I always look like the guy on the left. and then I want to say a massive THANK YOU for making such a clear and concise video with the side by side that omg this is exactly when I can’t bend the ball like beckham despite having the knowledge and the desire. Thank you guys so much… I think I got it now!

  13. I have a question . I have a new 15 lbs storm tropical surge. Im standing with my left foot behind the far left dot. Im right handed and I target between the secend and third arrows from my right. I had to move to two steps from the fowl line to slow the ball down and swing slower becouse I’m over powering the ball. ( I want more power ) so should I try to put more rotation on the ball so I can go back to being four steps away from the line. or put more traction on the ball by sanding it with a lower grit truecut . so I can put more of my stranth into it

  14. I’ve been bowling for 30+ years in leagues and despite having a 219 average at one point I STILL haven’t learned how to release my ball the way the pros and better bowlers do. Drives me crazy and my rev rate is terrible because of my poor release. I’ll try these simple drills and pray it somehow helps.

  15. Another great tip just to let you know this year I had more games over 250 than my whole career I’m 67 still striving for 300 when I get it l will let you know thanks for all great tips!!!

  16. I received my new Phaze 2 last week and got it drilled Tuesday this week. Praticed with it during league practice and I prefer the less hook technique via board 10 I managed to score a turkey like that.

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