11 Comments on “10 Beginner Bowling Tips in 2 Minutes. The BEST Way to Improve FAST!”

  1. two handed bowling is becoming more predominant in U15 / U12; need more two handed instructional content😀

  2. This is a really good and quick video. I totally agree with #4 – get your own bowling shoes.

    You should definitely make the investment in Velcro bottomed soles. Adjustability isn’t that important. Replaceable soles are important because if you step in fluid you can substitute a dry sole and you refresh the sliding shoe with a new sole every couple years. My Dexter SSTs last for more than 15 years because of that. I think the best bowling shoes made are the Dexter SST 6s. Quality bowling shoes are a small cost of bowling when compared to the cost of going bowling, bowling balls which you buy much more often, the gas to get to the alley, and especially alcohol if you patronize Bowlero alleys.

    Definitely join a weekly league. You will never advance your game without doing that. Plus it is lots of fun. Coaching is optional. I have been bowling in leagues since 1979 and never had a lesson. Bowling is a sport that takes years to refine your shot through practice. Last season I was able to average 221 in one of my leagues, my highest in 44 years.

  3. Still remember in a bowling book featuring Parker Bohn saying better get your own shoes instead of wearing shoes that were worn by strangers

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