2011-2012 GEICO PBA Shark Open Finals (WSOB III)

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The finals of the 2011-2012 GEICO Shark Open feature Sean Rash, Chris Barnes, Jason Belmonte and Mika Koivuniemi.

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41 Comments on “2011-2012 GEICO PBA Shark Open Finals (WSOB III)”

  1. Chris Barnes: 234
    Sean Rash: 205
    Jason Belmonte: 190
    Mika Koivuniemi: 172

    Chris Barnes: 300
    Jason Belmonte: 215
    Sean Rash: 182

    Jason Belmonte: 243
    Chris Barnes: 213

    Belmonte Wins!

    1. Do PBA Bowling people give Chris Barnes $1,000,000 dollars for Chris Barnes to bowl score is 300 perfect game?

    1. I mean yea, the amount of people to bowl a 300 in major play and then go on to win that major play is so low they joking refer to it as a curse.

  2. Wow. I mean talk about a masterpiece from Chris Barnes: not only did he drop a perfect game, he just didn’t miss flush, he hit the pocket 12 times in a row. Aaaand he also held a analystic conversation with randy and rob doing that – just wow.
    My favourite 300 game of all time.

    Pity that he didn’t take home the title – congrats to belmo – both would have deserved it.

    And yeah – I’m still watching this in 2017^^

    1. TheIonic123 Still watching this in 2019! A lot to learn from Mr. Barnes’ game here! It’s a timeless classic!

    2. I know, right? When I first saw this, I was really hoping for Chris Barnes to bring home the title. Even Chris Barnes, himself, probably thought so.

    1. @Lynette Palecek
      Really? I have to check that out! I just remember 666 Mark Of Beast, which, no micro chip for me!

  3. 45:16 Sean showing displeasure for that split, and I don’t blame him. That’s frustration expressed out simply.

  4. It’s crazy how much the quality of the pba shows has varied over the years depending on the network. For example it was better on ESPN in 2012 than it was on cbs in 2016. It’s the best it’s ever been now imo with fox

    1. I gotta agree the quality of these events in 2012 were insane and the venue as well is so cool. Nowadays it’s just in a bowling alley but these seemed to be at a location which is dope. Wish it was like this nowadays

  5. Chris is one of my cats, but my #1 is not-so-Norm, not-so-Norm because Norm ought to be renamed Dynomite!

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