2012 Bowling’s 69th U.S. Open Stepladder Finals – Who Do You Think You Are? I am!

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Pete Weber tries to win his fifth U.S. Open title, which would be the all-time record, but has to get by Ryan Shafer, Jason Belmonte and Mike Fagan to succeed.

This is the event after which Weber exclaims these legendary words: "Who do you think you are? I am!"

Originally aired February 26, 2012 on ESPN from Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

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50 Comments on “2012 Bowling’s 69th U.S. Open Stepladder Finals – Who Do You Think You Are? I am!”

  1. But when Marshall Holman acted like that, he didn’t get away with it from his fans, they “Booed” him thru most of the matches. He stated later after his PBA career that it was a defense mechanism due to his nervousness during matches. You have to be a real pro to admit that IMO. He was one of the best of the PBA members.

    1. There’s way to deal with those matters and then there are those who are just assholes who are full of themselves…I can just imagine Weber at a restaurant or checking into his hotel…I pity those who have to deal with him.

      Unless they’re doing jumping jacks, you can’t stop a fan from moving his head. It’s the fans that are making him his money at the end of the day.

    1. Gary Thorne made that as exciting as possible. Who would have known he would be involved in such an iconic moment.

  2. People to this day still don’t know who Pete was talking too. Some say it was a a guy, others say Pete was fighting with his inner demons. he’s crazy

    1. @Meno Then why did people hate JohnMcEnroe for doing exactly the same thing? Both are great athletes…both were tools.

  3. Say what you want about Weber. He saved the sport on a pro level when it needed it. And he was present enough on TV every week that ratings took off. Plus he got even more clutch the older he got.

    1. so many people saying he’s bad for the PBA. Some people are just too boring. You need people like this in sports man. It’s brought my attention to bowling and all of a sudden I’m fascinated by the sport, just coz I saw this clip of Pete Weber. People need to lighten up. I just can’t believe he’s got so many haters.

  4. I don’t know why, but for some reason at 56:43 the part where Randy says are we watching a bowling match or a boxing match. That part always gets me everytime. 😂

  5. And being this big of a Pete fan, you can’t lose a match in a more heartbreaking way than Fagan did. What a match.

  6. so much to love about this. the fact that it’s on ESPN. it’s the 69th US open. Gary Thorne on the call. And of course Pete Weber. what a combination.

  7. Pete with some great clutch bowling and the iconic one liner

    1:20:41 for a real human moment

  8. I never took bowling serious until some of my roommates started working at the bowling alley. Here I learned it’s a serious competitive game and compared to others, this game tests the mental resilience of its players like no other.

  9. Pete talking with Belmonte after hitting the first strike of frame 10 is so wholesome, gotta love how respectful and encouraging he is to the other players, especially somehow who’s idolized him for years

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