2012 PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2012 PBA Tournament of Champions feature Sean Rash, Jason Belmonte, Mike Fagan and Ryan Ciminelli.

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41 Comments on “2012 PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals”

  1. Was it possible that there was some sort of (special?)”hard oil” coated on the lanes manipulating their rolls, or were Ciminelli & Fagan were just naturally having their days in this first match?

  2. You guys notice the size difference between ciminelli’s left and right arm it’s weird if you look at it

    1. Indeed. When I was bowling for a good while there. My right shoulder and arm, were easily bigger than my left side.

    2. It’s a pretty common occurrence among professional bowlers, bowlers that use the two handed delivery will not show as much the discrepancy

    3. @Douglas Harris that doesn’t even make sense lol all the power is still created with your throwing arm. Yes, there will be less of a problem with it, but non existent? No.

    4. @Jake Snussbuster maybe you should reread my post, I never said non existence, will not show AS MUCH ….

  3. There is a difference between arrogance and being sure of yourself. 99% of bowlers that are successful do so with humility. If they don’t they soon find out, they have to. Being a great bowler doesn’t make you any better than another person. We all have trades that one does better than another in most situations. Just sayin…

  4. Pederson doesn’t understand that Belmonte can pull the ball it is not “physically impossible”

  5. Look at the crowd when Sean throws the strike to win everyone looks unhappy Mostly everyone wanted Ryan to win, nobody likes Sean rash

    1. Christopher Melendez I’d have to disagree, Rash has a pretty good following, however I am not one of those followers

    2. While I respect your opinion, I actually don’t mind Sean Rash. Now, there are a lot of bowlers who don’t like him very much, they say he can get a little too cocky, but I think that if he can bowl the way he did in this tournament, or like the way he did at the ’07 Masters, then that makes up for it. Then again, he’s changed a lot. He’s really cleaned up his act since then.

    1. @Joey Hammer yessir. But he will always have the best swing in the game in my eyes. Forever the king of swing

  6. Bo Burton and Chris Shenkel were an amazing duo the likes of which the pba will never see again

  7. Damn going back to this telecast, Ryan’s arm looked much larger when his torso was thinner lol. That’s crazy!

  8. Belmonte in 2012: One day, I would like to be with a few pros like me.
    Me today: 4 years later, he’s on Dude Perfect.

    1. @TheAbele992 Hey man, you bowl for Binghamton, right? This is Steve O …
      I remember seeing your comment in a video including Sammy V, something like “this guy is my coach now!”
      So I assume we bowl next to each other every week!

  9. 30:38 I just noticed Sean Rash’s wife and father didn’t clap when MJ announced his name

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