2013 Bowling’s U.S. Open Stepladder Finals

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The ESPN finals of the 2013 U.S. Open. Featuring men's division finalists Marshall Kent, Pete Weber, Wes Malott and Jason Belmonte and women's division finalists Diandra Asbaty, Danielle McEwan, Liz Johnson and Kelly Kulick.

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32 Comments on “2013 Bowling’s U.S. Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. McEwan was PISSING me off. ALL she had to do was move right 3 maybe 4 boards and it would of been pocket hits all game long. She literally didn’t adjust at all it seemed.

  2. Wes Malott has some destructive power, man. I only wonder.. how come bowlers be endorsed companies such as Storm, while using Roto Grip or other balls aand equipment?

    1. @Nick Berg why do they never use 900 global balls. Pajak uses a storm ice spare ball and she is 900 global but none of the guys who are sponsored by storm use 900

  3. Men’s Final

    Wes Malott: 200
    Marshall Kent: 193

    Wes Malott: 279
    Pete Weber: 182

    Wes Malott: 214
    Jason Belmonte: 156

    Malott Wins!

    1. Liz stated that the wrist support she wears helps keep her hand behind the ball which is why she rolls less hook than her opposition.

    1. The New York Hobbyist
      I meant about the pinsetter that was used for the lanes.
      Usually you would see Brunswick Gs, A2 or newer AMF pinsetter model for tournaments.

  4. “It’s not just walk and roll, it is an equation every time.”

    Truer words have never been spoken about the US Open condition.

  5. Liz Johnson is a class act! I used to root for Kelly but no more. I bowled a Pro-Am a few years back at Carolier Lanes in New Jersey. Liz spoke to us amateurs, gave us advice, was warm and friendly. Kulick on the other hand, could be bothered. She blew past me and the rest of us, not so much as a word and never even partook in the Pro-Am. Kudos to Liz. She outshines Kelly Kulick in every way!

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