2013 PBA Cheetah Championship Finals (WSOB V)

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The 2013 PBA Cheetah Championship stepladder finals feature Parker Bohn III, Pete Weber, Wes Malott and Clara Guerrero.

Originally aired on ESPN December 1, 2013 from South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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41 Comments on “2013 PBA Cheetah Championship Finals (WSOB V)”

  1. 46:08 that’s exactly what happened to me in i think 9th grade (10 strikes and a pocket 10). i even missed the 10 pin too. I was only bowling with finger tips for maybe 10 months or so before this happened and I’ve never been remotely close to that high of a score at that time. However, I ended the second game with 3 strike and got 10 in the third so I consider that my only 300 game.

    1. @Joe Ambrose I’m confused, how rare do you think 300s are? In the 3/4th-season in 2019 – 2020 the league I bowled in, the league collectively had 4 or 5 300s; my 299 got bumped out of the high score prize fund and the 300-shooters split the entire pot.

    2. @Fonaciss Not rare at all anymore, it’s really nothing special, since ’97 at least twenty 900s recorded. Ridiculous

  2. Could you reupload the TOC and the Masters from this season with the same video quality?

    1. @AustinDToTheJ Because women professional bowlers should not be allowed to be in the men’s professional bowlers tournaments. It isn’t fair to the male professional bowler who just missed being in the tournament. I don’t care about your opinion and I’m not going to waste my time responding to it.

  3. 52:58 The King of Swing Mike Fagan gets the messenger to take down the 10 pin, but the Brunswick GS-X pinsetter touched it. It takes two seconds for the pinsetter to pick up Brunswick bowling pins.

  4. These shows from this season had the worst camera angles of all time. Great bowling but it almost hurt to watch. Glad that Fox has the angles down much better now

  5. i like the way that belmo throws the ball, but old heads still think his two handed style makes him a “cheetah”

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