2013 PBA CP3 All-Stars Bowling

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The 2013 PBA CP3 All-Stars telecast showcases celebrities Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kevin Hart, Jalen Rose, Terrell Owens, Lamarr Woodley, Chris Hardwick and Jesse Williams alongside PBA Tour stars Bill O'Neill, Mike Fagan, Jason Belmonte, Chris Barnes, Sean Rash, Osku Palermaa, Mike Fagan, Missy Parkin and Norm Duke.

From Lucky Strike in Los Angeles, California. Originally aired on ESPN February 3, 2013.

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39 Comments on “2013 PBA CP3 All-Stars Bowling”

    1. man your life must be even more exciting with that outstanding insult you managed to come up with, tremendous intellect im seeing

    1. And then you have Missy Parkin doing the same thing. Showoff trying to use a 16 pound ball when she can’t even handle it safely.

  1. Best CP3 Invitational by far😂

    – Kevin Hart
    – Osku Palermaa’s spare shot
    – Bill O’Neils fanboy yelling at him😂
    – Jason Belmont’s Missing the 9 pin spare
    – Black guy in the blue and red in the crowd

    1. Chris Barnes saying “Be a Champion Kevin” and “You’re close to be a Champion Kevin”

  2. i’ve seen a lot of pba championships. This celebrity exhibition final match was shocking. They can REALLY play. WOWWW

  3. Kevin hart wasn’t lieing when he said it might have been one the best championships matches lol. It really was it’s awesome when the pros get paired with someone who can actually BOWL lol. An Kevin hart apparently knows what he’s doing on the lanes and obviously Hardwick does as well.

  4. Top 5 Parts from this PBA Telecast in my opinion
    1. Kevin Hart
    2. Quinton Aarron Shocking Victory in The Super Clash
    3. Osku Palermaa in the 500 Mph Spare shot
    4. The Finals between the Philly Hitmen and the Silver Lake Atom Splitters
    5. Chris Hardwick

  5. Kevin is so funny when hes playing any kinda sport. Especially when hes around any type of athletes. His What the Fit show on youtube is so good he should do some type of show outside youtube it would be a instant hit.

  6. That was an Amazing, Funny and Exciting as Hell Finals… I can´t believe how All-Round Talented Kevin Hart is… I believe Kevin should have been the Winner of the PBA All-Stars 2013 MVP Award!!!

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