2013 PBA World Championship Finals (WSOB V)

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The 2013 PBA World Championship, originally aired December 29, 2013, features Dom Barrett, Sean Rash, Mike Fagan, Tom Smallwood and Pete Weber.

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40 Comments on “2013 PBA World Championship Finals (WSOB V)”

  1. guess Sean did get to Barrett’s head in the end although it didn’t show until Dom’s celebration

    1. ArsenalBowler that’s not Sean getting into his head lol, that’s Barrett celebrating early because he go the math wrong. And he obviously didn’t get into his head if Barrett struck out in the 10th lol

    2. +Marcus Silas i don’t think that’s Barrett celebrating early because of getting the math wrong.. as pro bowlers, maybe he’s thinking 8 pins is easy enough to get (and as you said he struck out so i guess he knew what he was doing)
      Edited: just watched the rest of the video and he did miscalculated LOL

    3. @Purchasing District10 as a bowler you never think 8 is easy😂. 6 or less yes, but something could go wrong. He def celebrated early and got the math wrong he even said that at the end. He was hyped about his 1st major.

    1. @Miller Blaine i really appreciate your reply. I got to the site on google and Im trying it out atm.
      Looks like it’s gonna take a while so I will get back to you later when my account password hopefully is recovered.

    2. @Miller Blaine DAMN IT ACTUALLY WORKED! I literally hacked my IG login within roughly 40 mins by using the site.
      Just had to pay 15 bucks but for sure worth it 🙂
      Thank you so much, you saved my account !

    1. Weber a jerk..at least Rash gets mad for a reason as Belmo messes with him. A cough, moving a chair just as Rash is throwing..crinkling his water bottle..webber is a little school girl..He always wears sun glasses to hide his black eyes when the 5th graders beat him up if they see him….lol

    2. @owen mccannell he’s probably sad that he couldn’t get an autograph or picture from Pete and it really got to him.

  2. Is there any mathematical benefit to throwing with a lot of hook (Belmonte) rather than going straight at it (Duke)?

    1. Yes absolutely, more speed and more revs= higher power and better carry. Also more revs gives you better potential to create more entry angle which gives better carry as well

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