2014 ABT Fall Nationals | $100,000 Finals

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Coverage of the 2014 ABT Fall Nationals from the South Point Plaza in Las Vegas, Nevada presented by Storm Bowling Products.

This is the 2nd of 3 qualifying squads in the $10,000 scratch tournament.

Lane pattern was a 38ft 3:1 ratio with 4 bowlers bowling in a step-ladder format.

Randy Pedersen, and Mike Flanagan bring you the action.

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4 Comments on “2014 ABT Fall Nationals | $100,000 Finals”

  1. Handicaps are bs….if a person is a better bowler than the other, then he/she should win. You basically have to beat your average rather than beat the other player. I get it if there is not big money on the line but for $100,000 there should not be a handicap. The two should play it out scratch and the win should go to the better bowler.

  2. I remember back in the day joining handicap leagues. The men league on Tuesday nights always ended with a lot of bowlers talking of starting a scratch league in the Fall because bowlers like me and others would win our share of games during the season and sometimes lucked up to finish in the money. I do remember rolling a 278 one night but even with such a nice game I barely broke 600. 

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