2014 Fusion Realtors Open – Step Ladder Finals

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2014 Fusion Realtors Open Step Ladder Finals held at Maple Lanes in Waterloo, Iowa.

The 2014 Fusion Realtors Open was presented by Storm, InsideBowling.com Budweiser, Isle Hotel & Casino, P&K Midwest, Kingpin Bar & Grill, and Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Mike Flanagan and John Brockland bring you the action.

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5 Comments on “2014 Fusion Realtors Open – Step Ladder Finals”

  1. Watch almost every PBA bowler, they follow through right to left. Most of them just redirect their arm halfway up to point to the right. 

  2. Back when I learned to bowl, that right-to-left follow through was NOT encouraged. That usually resulted in a bowler yanking the ball to the left. Apparently, kids today do it because it’s the only way they know how make the ball move. Bad mechanics, in my opinion. And then many of them wonder why they have shoulder and wrist problems. 

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