2014 PBA Challenge Finals

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The 2014 PBA Challenge, originally aired January 18, 2015, features Walter Ray Williams Jr., Amleto Monacelli, Josh Blanchard, EJ Tackett, Clara Guerrero, Missy Parkin, Kelly Skalacki and Michael Coffey.

From South Point Bowling Plaza at World Series of Bowling VI.

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34 Comments on “2014 PBA Challenge Finals”

  1. I would not mind bowling on the patterns that the Teen Masters bowled on…only my stipulation is that you could only use a pin down aggressive ball taken down to no more than 500 grit and on spares you can only use a spare ball.

    This was actually quite entertaining. If PBA could put on more events like this instead of showcasing famous people trying to bowl I wouldn’t mind.

  2. Ugh, when I was watching Skalacki bowl I was very frustrated. She has a good follow through and release throughout most of the match yet for some reason she plays so far out. I was hoping she would realize that she needed to move some in.

    Remember. Don’t ever force the ball down the lane faster to counteract the oil, use your same style and speed, and find your spot, you can rely on that much more often.

    1. It’s hard for some people to realize but these teen masters shots play completely opposite of normal. She should’ve moved even farther out and pointed it to 3ish instead of 5. I was surprised seeing Coffey inside of 7

    1. Because everyone uses 15lbs at that level. With a few exceptions such as norm duke and the mention that almost every time he bowls.

  3. Kelly could have ripped that rack if she just would have moved a few boards left and her target right. 

  4. The true beauty of bowling is how skill is so much more significant than power.  Missy Parkin’s success proves that point.

    1. Username I don’t entirely agree with the ranking system, I do not see how horse racing and cheerleading could be ranked higher. Furthermore ranking team sports (ie rowing) in with individual sports skews the ratings. In addition this poll was conducted by contacting professional?? sport writers that most likely have never participated in any sport professionally and most likely have a bias

  5. I love the limited equipment aspect. Makes shot making ,spares and repeating your shot a premium over say just hammering on the ball.

  6. i have seen some bowlers bowl two hands like balm and osku and kyle group and more some I’ve seen do one hand but i notice to do the two handed style u gotta be aware it can affect ur arm

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