2014 PBA League Elias Cup Finals – L.A. X vs. Silver Lake Atom Splitters

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The championship match of the 2014 PBA League Elias Cup on ESPN, featuring the L.A. X vs. the Silver Lake Atom Splitters.

Originally aired April 13, 2014 from Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

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39 Comments on “2014 PBA League Elias Cup Finals – L.A. X vs. Silver Lake Atom Splitters”

    1. I agree with you on that one, but even a tenth frame of 9/X would’ve shut out the  L.A. X, so it didn’t really matter that he rolled that 2 pin out.

    2. MrKheywood91 ya. I guess it didn’t matter because his last shots were flush strikes. Still sad. I wanted L.A. X to win

  1. LAX should have taken full advantage on the right lane when slk struggle on the left. After the lane swap, you can see slk took full advantage while lax’s turn to struggle

  2. I still believe Chris Barnes is the Best All Around Bowler on the PBA Tour right now. I know people would say Jason Belmonte, but he needs two hands when Chris Barnes, Tommy Jones, Walter Ray Williams, and others are still winning titles using ONE HAND. I just don’t agree with the two-handed style. Just my personal opinion.

    1. also 2 handed bowling is just a two handed APPROACH. his left hand comes off the ball before the ball comes out of his right hand. He’s still technically a one handed bowler who’s thumbless just like Tom Smallwood and Tom Daugherty. so if you’re gunna criticize 2 handed bowling, you gotta criticize all thumbless bowlers

    2. That’s like saying, “I think x is better than Mark Roth, because he needs power, and x still gets it done without power!” 

      Actually, I’m extremely certain non-pro bowlers did say that about Roth back in his day. 

      Bowling is about rolling a ball 60 feet into some pins it knocks over. However you get it rolling doesn’t matter. If one way of getting it rolling is generally better than others, you should use it. That’s true of 1 handed and 2 handed bowling, it’s called, “form,” and every great bowler has it. 

    3. NewOrleansSaints922 Don’t forget about the one who started the “Thumbless Revolution” in professional bowling, the great Mike Miller. He won 3 titles including a major (1991 PBA National Championship, Toledo, Ohio) and even bowled 300 on live TV (1999 National Bowling Stadium Open, Reno, NV)

  3. Randy please!  I heart you man, but you’ve got to get off Belmo’s jock.  His power isn’t nearly as impressive as his touch.  Osku and Ciminelli have WAY more “power”.  I understand Belmo’s the reigning PotY, and you have to promote him, but crikes, find something else to say.

    1. He was because it was brand new at the time osku started 2 handing but Belmo got better then osku at it

  4. So if it’s tied 1 -1 before trios they should just skip it right? I mean, no matter who the point goes to, it will come down to the final team game. Unless I’m missing something.

    1. @JDhomieG and what about if they have skipped it and then it was a tie in team game. That is what you are missing…The point in trios is still important.

    2. shazamwich98 it is though. Unless you have a city full of tolerable people. If so, I’d like to join you over there.

    1. Don’t you mean atom splitters?! Dom Barrett, Wes Mallot, Tommy Jomes, Chris Barnes? Now that’s a stacked team.

    2. ***** Both are pretty damn great, but I mean come on… the Best In The World, Major Mika and easily one of the greatest ever PBIII

  5. I kinda feel like using the Google glass gives Belmo an advantage. Isn’t the blue oil only sensitive to camera lenses and the human eye can’t see it? because Belmo has a lens right in front of him. I mean seeing the blue isn’t a HUGE deal because he still has to execute, but with such a good bowler, every detail of that oil makes a big difference and that something he sees over the others bowling. I don’t think it’s necessarily unfair but I feel like it kinda gives him a small leap over the other competitors

    1. @Drez | BACK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! ( OG Solo Name :D) The camera is on the frame, so he doesn’t see what it sees.

  6. is it me, or does the triples match not do anything but eat up the lane more? unless a team takes both the single and double.

  7. Silver lake achevied all goals
    5-1 against Dallas strikers
    6-0 against Philadelphia Hitmen
    4-2 against L.A.X


  9. Mark Baker is one of my all time favorite 🎳 bowlers even though he is not bowling and is manager of the Atom Splinters

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