2014 PBA League Quarterfinal: L.A. X vs. BROOKLYN STyLES

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2014 PBA League Quarterfinal bowling match featuring Chris Paul's L.A. X vs Jesse Williams' BROOKLYN STyLES.

Originally aired February 9, 2014 from Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Michigan.

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15 Comments on “2014 PBA League Quarterfinal: L.A. X vs. BROOKLYN STyLES”

  1. I don’t see Walter Ray and Michael Haugen bowling doubles together. Ever. Walter looked ready to laugh at Haugen as he tried to explain his adjustment in the 8th frame. Can’t blame him either. A ball change and a one board move left after 7 frames had been bowled by some guys with huge rev rates on that fried right lane wasn’t going to come close to cutting it.

  2. where does belmonte get the sleeve at cuz i have one but i dont like it. i know you can get them at storm but i want one similar to his.

  3. So after the 1-1 tie is real no matter the trio game… 

    Only if win single ,double and trio have litlle less point the last game… is terible system..

  4. L.A. X: 255
    Brooklyn StYles: 223

    Brooklyn StYles: 238
    L.A. X: 234

    Brooklyn StYles: 247
    L.A. X: 218

    L.A. X: 237
    Brooklyn StYles: 215

    L.A. Advances!

  5. Sean Rash keeps on hitting the 10 pin where the 7 pin would be so if he had the 7-10 split he would make it.

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