2014 PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals

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The ESPN finals of the 2014 PBA Tournament of Champions. Featuring finalists Pete Weber, Dan MacLelland, Dom Barrett, Wes Malott and Jason Belmonte.

Originally aired live on ESPN January 26, 2014 from Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Michigan.

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29 Comments on “2014 PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals”

  1. Thank you for posting, this was a great telecast.  Is there any chance for HD in the future?  Thanks again.

  2. I just want to say congratulations to Jason Belmonte for winning that title. you bowled your best

  3. Props to the PBA for putting these kind of shows on youtube instead of taking down everyone else’s attempts. Just like WWE, they are finally getting with the times. Thank god.

  4. I find that i still love jason belmontes shot but i dont know, hes changed i honestly dunno if the change is better or not but hes definitely changed.

    Maybe its his shots or his comments?

  5. Wes Malott – 1:02:20 – that’s also how I bowl. I start off looking through the arrows down lane but when I release at the foul line my eyes are looking down directly at it. I thought I was the only one!

  6. A 246 average? How the hell does Belmo average 246, on a SPORT SHOT? Damn, that man has skill. I shoot one 246 about every 4-5 months. >_>

  7. For decades, this event was held in Akron, Ohio and would be the final event of the PBA Winter/early Spring (January through April) tour.

  8. I Love Dom Barrett! He’s such an awesome guy! One of the first guys that I’ve seen apologize for a good break on TV.

  9. 54:30 the pin went outside of the pin setter machine, how did they take care of that? They didn’t show it on camera

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