2015 Logo Infusion InsideBowling.com Open Finals | St. Louis, MO

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2015 Logo Infusion InsideBowling.com Open Finals

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Starring: Bill O'Neill, Kyle Troup, Shawn Maldonado, Kenny Ryan, & Ronnie Russell.
Announcers: PBA Hall of Famer Jason Couch & Mike Flanagan
Sideline Reporter: Rob Gotchall
Producer: Matt Turek
Set Supervisor: Vince Feeler
Tournament Director: Jerry Anderson
Camera Operator: Ricky Matsko
Director of Technology: Brian Burkhardt
Graphics: Kim Richter & Ashley Cole
Photography: Brady Nelson

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►Host: Tropicana Lanes | St. Louis, MO

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14 Comments on “2015 Logo Infusion InsideBowling.com Open Finals | St. Louis, MO”

  1. So when the PBA folds we will still get good bowling. Heck i’d rather watch these than watch PBA telecasts.

  2. Nice presentation of final tenpin bowling with some new kind of technique….

  3. I like that you keep the score sheet up during the match; good for visual thinkers, which most men are. Also, the score sheets show pin leaves, which can relate to how the bowlers address the next shot on that lane. Replay would be good, though, especially when the camera doesn’t catch a shot like that unusual 3-4-7 spare for Maldonado in the second match w/ Russell. What one camera might have missed, the second camera could have captured.

  4. ok i love this game, but the system is little unfair. if you have 9 pins(miss and spare!) on first frame, is have exacly the some max, that is miss a strike on 3 frame, until11th! 279 max. I have in mind a maybe more nice score system( 30 each strike, 20 each spare, 9 from 9 pins down, etc with no extra shot on 10 frame stike or spare. Ok I knaw that is maybe Stupit, but here you need to make many strike in a row to win no mamy strike general. This is my idea, and the comments is good…

  5. somebody please shoot the cameramen! just cover the ball going down the lane, don’t change shots in between the delivery, I wanna see the release, break and carry of each shot please!

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