2015 PBA Midwest Allstate Open Stepladder Finals

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The 2015 PBA Midwest Allstate Open features stepladder finalists Mitch Beasley, Steven Taylor, Eugene McCune and A.J. Johnson. Contested September 26, 2015 from Liberty Lanes in Carpentersville, Illinois.

Produced by EBC Productions. Visit their channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/YouthChalBowling

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28 Comments on “2015 PBA Midwest Allstate Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. It’s a shame so few people are there to watch. Local bowling tournaments over here have more people watching!!

    1. +Leonard Scott JR. Well it doesn’t make motiv look very good if he’s using a different companies ball. Kind of embarrassing for motiv really.

  2. Great! Thanks for uploading this! By the way, I can’t believe this ctr. still has AMF Spectrum ball returns. We were welding two a week 15 years ago until we finally replaced them w/ Brunswick power lifts/Frameworx. I think we maybe broke a couple belts a year after that…

  3. Woahhhhhh this is a very high scoring pattern and in the first game a lot of exceptional carry and strikes

  4. Eugene McCune shot the highest score in bowling ever. My boy Eugene’s never lost a match because he’s never missed a strike in his professional career. He also throws so fast the machines can’t read it and I’m not sure if that’s against the rules or not to be so good at bowling. Good to see another win for Eugene.

    1. Yes he will. I am 13 and just bowled a pro am tournament and I met him and so many other amazing bowlers.

  5. It looks like Mitch would have a problem increasing his ball speed if he really ever had to, due to that weird little arm bend in his backswing. I am going to get back into bowling; and mirror AJ’s form, it’s one of the best out there. I also like Parker Bohn III’s and Mike Fagan’s form. Those two have beautiful approaches, as well!

  6. The 9 pin strike you see at 4:58 is the strike I carry a lot when it’s not 100% flush. I do not get a ton of 10 pin messengers like these guys do.

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