2015 PBA Team Challenge Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the inaugural PBA Team Challenge.

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29 Comments on “2015 PBA Team Challenge Stepladder Finals”

  1. I’m not going to lie, the name “4 Majors and 100” is probably the greatest team name ever. It’s good to see that TD can look back and be humble about what happened…

    1. +Bryant Crawford help me understand, has TD bowling in 100 tournaments and hasnt won? 59:30 they explain a bit of the name. Or was he the one that bowled 100 vs 299 against Mica?

  2. jirek. YouTube. Fired.
    Biregy. Sirey. Reid.
    Day. Book. Sirey. wirey.
    Yires. Cirehs. Gires. Blly.

  3. jirek. YouTube. pirey.
    cirey. day. Wirey.
    Fired. Blly. Birey.
    Love love love.
    Hoy. Cirehs. Hirey.

  4. Does anyone else feel like the Brunswick team will always be handicapped just a little by weaker balls? storm, Roto Grip, and track especially seem to put out better equipment. Until this day the best ball I’ve used from Brunswick is the alpha max, which is great but not compared to the storm crux or roto grips cell line.

    1. +eric t The nirvanas are plenty strong. Every ball company is making a great ball that will work on a wide range of oil patterns. Brunswick isnt being handicap in the least by equipment.

    2. I’ve always been taught it’s the bowler not the equipment. Don’t get me wrong it helps I use the gold rhino pro ball it’s a great pearl ball but I’m a DV8 bowler

    3. The ball matters about as much as what shoes you wear to play basketball. It’s all marketing bullshit. Get a ball that fits your game and the lane conditions and you will be bowling 300 on a regular basis. Trust me.

    4. I don’t Wanna put a name no. I’m saying you can take the top ball from every company, wipe the labels off and have a machine throw them all at the same spot, same speed, same revs, and all would react almost identical given their surfaces are the same. Surface way more important that weight block or drilling layout or all that other crap. I use a urethane ball now because my revs make using reactive balls margin of error too slim.

  5. What I want to see is Pepe and McNeil tag team Danielle bisexie style….who’s the daddy?

  6. 900 Global Pheonix: 471
    Team Brunswick: 411

    Dead Money: 493
    900 Global Pheonix: 484

    Dead Money: 497
    4 Majors & 100 at 1: 452

    Dead Money Wins!

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