2015 USBC Masters Stepladder Finals

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The 2015 USBC Masters, originally aired live on February 8, 2015, features A.J. Johnson, Jason Belmonte, Mike DeVaney, Pete Weber and Martin Larsen.

From The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin.

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41 Comments on “2015 USBC Masters Stepladder Finals”

  1. Again, just like on the other video posted, great to see my hometown represented in a different fashion aside from my Packers!  Great Job Green Bay, you did great as hosts!  On that note, I just noticed 2 particular people I like to shout out to, they’re in the background stands behind the bowlers, they’re the proprietors of another local bowling alley here in Green Bay called Village Lanes, I know them well, the husband is the coach of Bay Port high school and Bay View middle school teams, while his wife runs the place, they’re great people and they run a great small alley (12 lanes).

    1. @Frank you heard it here everybody, Jason belmonte has 13 major titles but doesn’t know how to bowl

  2. First time bowling watcher, just finished watching Belmote vs Webber, I’ve been watching the Super Bowl, NBA Finals and Grand Slam Tournaments for years. I also watch a little bit of soccer and hockey but I have never seen a more tense sports Championship series than this. When Webber got that lucky strike to put him within one, when Belmonte botched that last turkey on the 10th frame, MAN. I was on the edge of my seat and screaming. I can’t believe I am enjoying watching bowling right now (then again, I am half baked). Really feel bad for Webber; his story sounds like that of Barkley, Tony Gonzales or Allen Iverson.

    1. Meeee too!!

      12 mins in I was like “why am I watching bowling”

      An hour later I’m like “come on Belmontee!!!”

  3. Greatest usbc masters. Pete is entertaining and is awesome to observe for young bowlers like me. I’m 17 and I bowl for HS. Im a senior and I’m captaining the varsity team. Love to learn more of the sport and watch some old vids

    1. @dj johnson Pete is the nicest guy in the world unless you’re bowling against him lol but seriously you couldn’t meet a nicer guy ..

  4. I like how every time a player resets the announcers get super deffensive like “it wasn’t me I promise I wasn’t talking” lol

  5. I bowled with weber once in a pro am event and he really has some issues. I met his Father years ago as a teenager and found him to be respectful and a man of class. Pete is nothing like his dad.

    1. @Sean Hunt dude this is a pretty serious allegation and whilst I’m very sorry if true, I’m incredibly suspicious you’ve said this as there is NO documentation of him ever being racist. I can’t find a single thing. I find it quite hard to believe that wouldn’t have come out over the last 40 years.

    2. @millzy it is true and I appreciate the apology, would of loved to get one from Weber but that didn’t happen! And I saw you asked what he said but, I’m sorry I am not repeating those words

  6. Jason Belmonte, the most underrated athlete to ever come out of Australia. Proud to be part of the same country as him.

  7. 19:04 Are you kidding me? (7-10 split)
    37:01 3-4-7-10 split conversion
    38:08 2-10 split conversion
    53:54 bad break (2-8-10 split)
    1:24:58 3-4-10 split conversion

  8. I’ve been bowling in leagues ever since Jr. Leagues. About 45 plus years, and never heard anyone complain about my, or anyone’s towels touching another players equipment. I think Pete was desperately trying to rattle Jason. Love Pete, and Jason. Just saying. 🙂

    1. I think Jason tried to get a rise out of Pete lol. But yeah some people don’t care but others do and I’ve seen them. Great match though

  9. 1:29:46 god damn AJ looks FURIOUS like he just used all the anger, power, and all his sweat blood and tears into that one shot to try and get the greek church and have a chance to win the masters

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