2016 Hammer Holiday Doubles | Match Play

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2016 Hammer Holiday Doubles Bowling Tournament | Match Play

Recorded LIVE from Concord Lanes, in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday December 18th.


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Mike Flanagan & Lee Boudouris bring you the action.

Bowlers featured:
AJ Rice
Mykel Holliman
Eddie Flanigan
Steve Taylor
Art Brown
Steve Zimmer
Greg Thompson
Jacob Buttruff
Tony Lambert
Derek Roseberry
Chris Corbin
Daniel Deno
Matt Sanders
EJ Tackett
Marc Heninger
Keven Williams
Tyler Meyer
Scott Greiner
Tyler Schimmer
Aaron O'Brien
Andy Mills
Zach Wilkins
Quentin Collins
Matt Jones

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13 Comments on “2016 Hammer Holiday Doubles | Match Play”

  1. i dont know the rules in bowling but watching eddie flannagin start his walk & walks into other lane next to his and when he releases his ball he is still standing in the other lane, i would think at least that a bowler must stay in their lane, maybe the gutter being the out of bounds area? agian i dont know the rules but i think the USBC needs to apply a rule for staying inside from gutter to gutter because it does allow for a bowler to attack the lanes from a angle that is only posssible from outside of their lane spot at the foul line. the foul line does not even come into play for him because he;s so far to the left he can never cross the foul line. i just see too many reasons that someone like him should not be allowed to encroach another lane, i saw a few bowlers doing that, mostly the 2 handed or thumbless bowlers, does anyone know why the USBC does not have a rule for this being that those who throw from outside their lane has a advantage of ball entry along with the other reasons i mentioned? i think a rule should be added to the rule book so their is a even & fair playing field, it.s so common sense that this is so wrong and nothing is being done about it that it makes me wonder if the USBC is really a fair business practice? someone or some people there need to be fired for not doing there job, it just tells me the USBC is NOT a fair business practice and that those in charge are crooked like many other businesses. and people wonder why bowling has dropped off by at least 50% in the last 20 years? because the USBC is a joke of a honest business and they allow so many wrong things to take place. i wish wikki leakes would dig deep into the USBC because maybe then bowling could start with a new fresh honest and fair business to oversee all bowling operations.until then i think bowling will keep sinking,or maybe they have already sunk to the bottom floor? i think i’ll have to alert our new president donald j. trump about the USBC rigged business leadership then maybe just maybe bowling will have a chance to grow again but until then i’ll stay away from bowling along with many others till the sport is cleaned up from the top down. stay thirsty my friends…

    1. Yeah i’ll work for you for food & drinks & no pay ! & i just call it like i see it! the truth is the truth thats all…

  2. Omg all those two handed bowlers… Jason and Osku are still unique tho, they’ve been doing that since childhood, while those other guys just doing it for the power and revs. Being a bit feed up with them, to be honest. But its a nice video, love the quality and your effort producing this 5hrs event for us youtubers! Cheer up!

    1. i’m pretty sure none of the two-handers you see in this video copied it from jason or osku, tony lambert is literally older than them lol.

    2. 3 years late…but Eddie Flanigan is my stepdad. He has been 2 handed before Belmo and Oksu came around. Has beat them both. He wanted to be unique growing up as a bowler. Now turning 43 he is surprised by the amount of 2 handers now

    3. The story as to why he never went on tour is the little guy he hugs at the end of the video is my little brother Max. He has a very weak immune system and hard pneumonia 4 times earlier that year. He pushed the tour off to stay around the family because at the same time my mother almost passed. Hes more of a family man but is one of the most well known bowlers in the country by the pros

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