18 Comments on “2016 Logo Infusion InsideBowling.com Open Finals”

  1. So great to see Nelson! I’m curious, does Nelson bowl in any of the pba50 events? Or Amy leagues…Thanks Nelson for still doing broadcasts…in my book you’re still the best!

  2. Some of the camera transitions were bad.  Need to be quicker/better at those if you are going to use them guys.  Good stuff otherwise

    1. Agree, looks like you all are trying to do too much. You can’t film and edit like ESPN, so I would just not do it. The camera angle from behind is imo the best of the two. Just switch to side view until they finish the first or second step, then switch. Thanks for the videos though, nice to see the locals and up and comers bashing the pros.

  3. it’s not 9 inches to make a single pin spare, if you do the math the base of a pin approx 4″ the diameter of a ball 9″ so 9″ + 4″ + 9″ for other side of pin, so if you miss a single pin spare you technically missed it by 22 inches

    1. You are incorrect. The ball does not roll on its outer edge. Obviously it rolls in the middle. So you have 1/2 the ball on each side plus the width of the pin (about 5 inches). It comes out to about 14 inches. (I took 2 balls and a pin and measured it just to make sure).

  4. missed bowlers throws because the director tried to get artsy fartsy…too bad…never dissolve during the action…always cut from one camera to another… ya made watching this a real task…you Mr. Director are not the star, the bowlers are!!!!

    1. Ron, we here you on this. On this particular day we should have made better choices. Our resources were not responding as quickly as we would have liked. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Excited for this tournament to come to Indianapolis. Hopefully Indy bowlers will put on a good show along with the bigger name bowlers that will be bowling. See you at Western Bowl!

  6. Great tournament! Camerawork was being way too extra…was very inconsistent and…annoying. Just keep the cameras behind the bowlers!

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