2016 PBA League Quarterfinals 1: Atom Splitters vs. KingPins, Lumberjacks vs. Hitmen

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PBA League quarterfinal action. Silver Lake Atom Splitters vs. New York City WTT KingPins and Portland Lumberjacks vs. Philadelphia Hitmen.

Originally aired April 17, 2016 on ESPN.

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29 Comments on “2016 PBA League Quarterfinals 1: Atom Splitters vs. KingPins, Lumberjacks vs. Hitmen”

  1. 1:14:45 I came out of my room to see my family watching this
    I saw the the score and I knew it was going to be interesting, when he threw the ball and when it came in I thought he had it, but dang that was just unlucky

    1. +SpyKids199 The IQ Tour Nano has proven to be the worst ball in the IQ line. Not saying that it is bad, just saying it comes in last in the line.

    2. Well from my experiences with it, the aggressive cover stock combined with the Centripetal weight block causes the ball to lose a lot of energy entering the pocket. Also, the Nano cover stock did not hold up as long, losing it’s effectiveness after a number of games. The Centripetal weight block matched up well with the original IQ tour but not so much with the Nano. If you search Ebay for the IQ Nano you will find a lot of used ones for sale which is a good indication that the ball did not match up well with the seller’s game or the ball burned out too quickly.

  2. That awkward “WHAT?!” the commentator is trying to do to say how loud it is just as the crowd goes quiet lol

  3. Watch Wes after dom bowls his last shot in the first game. he looks sad and surprised that he lost

  4. the Portland Lumberjacks and the Philadelphia Hitmen have bowled some excellent matches

  5. 44:02 Needs 16 pin fill
    1:06:39 Are you kidding me? (7-10 split)
    1:14:50 bad break (stone 9)
    1:18:28 1-2-8-10 conversion

  6. I’m on a bowling video binge while in self-quarantine. I want NY to win, but then again, I’ve taken a few awesome lessons with Mark Baker and I want to see his boys shine as well.

  7. New to league bowling..I have 2 questions if someone can answer for me. 1. Who picks the MVP bowler each year?
    2. NY WTT Kingpins…what doe WTT stand for? Thanks so much!

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