2016 PBA League Quarterfinals 2: Muscle vs. L.A. X, Strikers vs. Styles

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PBA League quarterfinal action. Motown Muscle vs. L.A. X, Dallas Strikers vs. Brooklyn Styles.

Originally aired April 24, 2016 on ESPN.

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26 Comments on “2016 PBA League Quarterfinals 2: Muscle vs. L.A. X, Strikers vs. Styles”

  1. Thank you for posting this. Please keep this up. I’m consuming most of my video here and having this online, direct from the PBA is the way to go. Liked and subscribed!

  2. just wondering does andrew gomez and jason belmonte have bad blood or something i noticed he goes in for a hand shake at the end and andrew excuses it and walks around him if i am wrong i was just wondering maybe alot of ppl just dont like him or something lol no clue

  3. it was an exciting finish in the other Quarterfinal match between the Dallas Strikers and the Brooklyn Styles

  4. Am I the only one that wants to know what if would have been like if the lumberjacks and the strikers never made the trade

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