2016 Southland Bowling League Championship | Finals

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2016 Southland Bowling League Championship
AMF All Star Lanes | Kenner, Louisiana

NCAA Women's Collegiate Bowling

Match Play best 4 out of 7.

Semi-Final match between the Arkansas State Red Wolves & Sam Houston State Bearkats.

For more information about the Southland Bowling League visit: Southland.org.

Produced and live-streamed by InsideBowling.com.
Commentators: Mike Flanagan & Matt Turek

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One Comment on “2016 Southland Bowling League Championship | Finals”

  1. Yikes. I’m very confused as to how these women are taught. You got some of these girls playing wide angles on a urethane ball with no substantial rev rates Picking 1-2-7 on a strike ball? Move target left same speed same revs and you’ll have a much higher carry lol also your lower rev rate girls play up the right side don’t play large angles you got 40 feet of oil for Christ sakes it’s not a cheetah that will also make the higher rev rate girls playing the larger angles more consistent being lower revs aren’t burning that oil up

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