2017 FireLake PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2017 FireLake PBA Tournament of Champions feature EJ Tackett, Tommy Jones, Dom Barrett, Tom Smallwood and Pete Weber.

Originally aired live on ESPN Sunday, February 19, 2017.

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24 Comments on “2017 FireLake PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals”

  1. Tommy Jones had some serious balls making a 3-2 left on that last shot. I would have totally pussied out and made a 2-1. It may have been the wrong move, but making that big of a move on the last ball for a major takes moxy and courage. Both players showed determination and desire to win we can all strive for. EJ never quit, even when his shotmaking was failing him, and Tommy created a look all his own and made one of the ballsiest adjustments I’ve seen a pro make. Great show for everyone involved!

  2. WOW… STUNNER Hate it for TJ, but he let this one go twice, shame. congrats to EJ again… next numerous in row player of the year?

  3. The way Belmonte finished off Qualifying and Qualifying for Barbasol championship plus the final he is tearing it up with his new ball Timeless

  4. I love how Randy is resurrecting Rob Stone with the “back to back jacks” line! lemme hear ya say hambone!!!

  5. Tommy: “Randy, I figured out that over the years my rev rate has gone down, so I realized that I need to slow my ball speed down”Randy: “okay, so what’s your game play going into today?”Tommy: “I’m gonna move right and throw it as hard as I can”

  6. EJ has a Jackal Ghost?? Nice!! I’ve been looking into that ball for quite as while now. Looks like a beast on the lane.

  7. I’m looking forward to the 2018 Tournament of Champions when it returns home to AMF Riviera Lanes in Akron, (Fairlawn) Ohio for the PBA’s 60th season.

  8. The high angle camera is a treat for me. It shows everything about the ball motion much harder to see from lane level.

  9. 32:02 is one of the luckiest breaks I’ve ever witnessed in bowling. Good job Dom 😂👏🏾

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