2017 Main Event Terrell Owens PBA Super Clash

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The 2017 Main Event Terrell Owens PBA Super Clash features Terrell Owens, Devin Hester, Quinton Aaron, Chad Ochocinco bowling with top PBA players EJ Tackett, Bill O'Neill, Jason Belmonte, Norm Duke and Parker Bohn III. Also featured: 2016 Teen Masters winners Mabel Cummins and Kirk Mowl.

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28 Comments on “2017 Main Event Terrell Owens PBA Super Clash”

  1. i just love how wen everyone was really into it all attention to the celebs but wen its time for the teen bowler to bowl like nobody is even payin attention at all n its all sielnce

  2. I was lucky enough to bowl with Jerome Bettis’ mom Gladys for a few yrs on the same team in a lge here in Detroit,, , he would bowl with us( me and some of my friends) at our Centers, and we would meet him and bowl where he liked to bowl as well, during the off season,, and was one hell of a bowler,, Best to me of any of the sports stars. To top it all off , he is one of the nices guys youd ever meet,, if you didnt know he was a football player youd think he was just a Good bowler 🙂

  3. for jason and mebel on the counter for strikes and time they were one behind on strikes they didnt count mebel’s first strike

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