2017 PBA World Championship Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2017 PBA World Championship feature Jesper Svensson, Jason Belmonte, Ryan Ciminelli, Kyle Troup and Matt Sanders.

Originally aired live on ESPN3 November 19, 2017 and again on ESPN December 31, 2017 from the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

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33 Comments on “2017 PBA World Championship Stepladder Finals”

  1. One of the most thrilling and action packed finals I’ve ever seen. This is quite possibly the greatest moment in Belmo’s career, good job to him.

  2. Decades in the future, Belmo’s name will be mentioned right along Earl Anthony, Walter Ray, Mike Aulby, and the other all time greats.

  3. This is my favorite so far! Belmonte you deserve it! I look up to you so much and this inspires me to be better.

  4. First of all, honor the winner Jason Belmonte, a great victory for this player from Australia, a country that must be very proud of him. I admit that I loved “wild” Jason playing bowling, world cup against the great Tommy John, two finals against Pete Webber, super crush against Sean Rash, etc. However, these three majors this year really make him one of the best players in history.

    1. Efrain Roca he really isn’t one of the best. you can’t compare a 2 hander with a 1 hander. he is the best 2 hander but not best bowler in general.

  5. Belmo is a prize fighter. We thought he went away. We sicked other 2 handers on him. Belmo just stood there and waited then unleashed ultimate pain to those who defy him.


    1. *3 majors this year
      *4 POY awards in 5 years
      *4 USBC masters wins in 5 years
      *9 majors in under a decade
      *Making more shows than anyone
      *Starting a revolution in bowling styles
      *Locked up a spot in the hall of fame.

      Don’t be biased, give credit where it’s due.

  6. This was the greatest tournament I have watched in recent years.
    It was a nail biter to the very end.
    This tournament was all about shot making and lane smithing.
    The player that could figure out where the best line was and hit that exact line to a millimeter every single time was the one who succeeded.
    I thank urethane for making a tournament where mistakes were not rewarded and shot making was a premium.
    I could hear Belmo, after making three shots, as he came on to the pair for the first time saying, “Ok, I am right in the middle of those” 57:24.
    He was feeling out the reaction and deciding where he needed to move his line.
    And we are talking only a 1/4 board move.
    All in all an amazing accomplishment of bowling skill and intelligence.
    I can say easily that the most skilled and intelligent bowler won and deserved his victory.

  7. Belmo sure revolutionized the two-handed bowling phenomenom.  It is a wonder why somebody did not come up with this style in the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s?  I would have liked to have seen the reaction of Chris Schenkel and Bo Burton on the old ABC telecasts.

  8. such a great sport hope it gets back into the commonwealth games. Thanks Belmo another win for down under, you have come a long way since Par-bowler. Signs V.A

  9. Decider at 1:31:11 Consistency is the key to all sports. 3 majors 2017, good on you Belmo. You are a legend now. Keep those devastating strikes coming, mate.

  10. Jason is a BEAST. I tried hooking the “traditional way” for months to no avail. Figured, give this guys technique a try and had IMMEDIATE results and felt so much more comfortable. Glad I came across Mr. Jason

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