2018 OceanView at Falmouth PBA League Elias Cup Finals – Philadelphia vs. Silver Lake

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The Philadelphia Hitmen face the Silver Lake Atom Splitters for the 2018 Elias Cup. Originally aired on ESPN May 3, 2018 from Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine.

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30 Comments on “2018 OceanView at Falmouth PBA League Elias Cup Finals – Philadelphia vs. Silver Lake”

  1. The silver lake atom splitters were one tough team to beat as they claimed the Elias cup

  2. I love Tom Daugherty calling out to Randy. Lol. Congrats to the winners; amazing event as always. 😀

    1. Well there you go GamingFanatic911.  Nick wants in on the action….surely you can’t object to that.  And to show your 100% proof, I want you to meet us both at Bayside Bowl the day of the finals (that way you can also remove all doubt about Nick being the Hulk Hogan guy).  Then we can show you ESPN at the same time and prove its not being televised live.  Be sure to bring your money…..I’ll be bringing mine.

    2. I got huge respect for daugherty… I like his personality and after bowling a 100 on TOC back in the day, it’s nice to see him back strong!

  3. 1:31:46. I love when Jesper gets hyped!!! When he’s on his game, he’s unstoppable! 🔥 🎳

    1. If Jesper Svensson was the 2018 PBA League’s most hyped celebration player Chris Barnes was selected as the (PBA League’s) most Valuable

  4. Funny how every time TD was on the left lane. Their team was in the lead by a good margin. He leaves a solid 8. I watched this on tv and when I saw TD on the left lane his last shot, I thought watch him leave a solid 8. Whaddayaknow

  5. I love watching this every year! Not a big fan of the format really. To me having to either sweep or be in a roll off is kind of silly. Even in the finals if they did not sweep all four games it would all be decided by roll offs.

    1. Jason Green completely agree. Hitmen should never have even been in the final. Also wasn’t there individual, duos and full team games in the final last year? A bit of variety is nice. Still, it beats a stepladder.

  6. This Elias Cup Final was honestly really disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy for the Atom Splitters, but it was extremely obvious by the start of the final game that they were gonna win. The Hitmen were in a hole that they couldn’t seem to get out of. No suspense whatsoever. Total washout. I’d love to see the Hitmen bounce back next year.

    1. It was obvious by the end of the semi finals that the Atom Splitters were gonna win.  Their whole team was playing well from the beginning of the tournament.

  7. This is probably the best I’ve seen of Chris Barnes, next time they put up the Mark Roth pattern I expect to see him zip-line it to the pocket again. Fun to watch!

  8. This is like baseball live so awesome love the leauge petty Belmo is out all ready think I favourite Chris barns 😊

  9. I wish Chris barnes was my dad, tom Daugherty my uncle, Jesper my brother, they are amazing!!

  10. Sanders very very great job!
    I think he must bowl as a member of Hitmen again next year

  11. Wow if these guys are good spare-shooters then im bloody fantastic! Must be all the practise im getting as I suck at strikes lol Im guessing none of the player ever practise the ten-pin? And they call themselves professionals. I guess its harder under pressure, but I be pretty embarressed missing a single pin on national TV

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