2018 OceanView at Falmouth PBA League Semifinals – Motown vs. Silver Lake, Dallas vs. Philadelphia

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The Motown Muscle face the Silver Lake Atom Splitters and the Philadelphia Hitmen battle the Dallas Strikers in the semifinals of the 2018 OceanView at Falmouth PBA League. Originally aired on ESPN May 6, 2018 from Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine.

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27 Comments on “2018 OceanView at Falmouth PBA League Semifinals – Motown vs. Silver Lake, Dallas vs. Philadelphia”

  1. Great job Strikers…I was encouraged so muchI still continue rooting for Dallas Strikers

  2. Very close game; bad break for Silver Lake but hopefully the Atom Splitters can get redemption next week. 🤞🤞🤞🤞

    1. Nick D’Alfonso no; you have to wait and see. PBA League Finals are next week and it’s a LIVE event so you can’t prove they won yet

    2. Nick D’Alfonso no it’s not taped. Always a LIVE event and even if it was, you spreading spoilers in the chat is childish and immature. If you want to spread spoilers, do it somewhere else.

    3. Nick D’Alfonso ok fine; I’ll wait and see next week to see if you’re right and if so, please don’t post spoilers about stuff like this; I hate it when people do that.

    1. the last thing I watched were the sixers celtics press conferences and I thought the comments were from those videos, I was really confused

  3. Man feels like that damn 10 pin has been haunting shota since he lost to Kent couple of weeks back costing him that match I like the dudes game and if he could keep it mental game in check shota no doubt will have PBA title soon

  4. Norm blew the lineup on this one.  Should’ve gone with either Tommy or Bill for the roll off shots.  Page is inconsistent….in these type situations you gotta go with guys that are consistently tough in the clutch.

  5. 쇼타 긴장해서 실력발휘가 안됐네요 고생했네~다들 너무 잘치신다…

  6. Awesome event. You cant write this stuff. The 7-10 split to force a roll-off for the ROLL-OFF.

  7. Man….I love this pba league tournament and what a fun environment.  Hope it stays around for a long time!

  8. i like the raucous atmosphere as it brings the energy level up three notches and you can really see the players feed off the crowd. That said, these people really need to step up their chant game

  9. The crowd chanting “Randy” after the Stone 8 are absolute legends!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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