2018 State Farm CP3 PBA Celebrity Invitational

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The 2018 State Farm CP3 PBA Celebrity Invitational features Chris Paul, James Harden, Terrell Owens, Trevor Ariza, Mookie Betts, Oscar Nunez, Pete Weber, Norm Duke, Bill O'Neill, EJ Tackett, Sean Rash, D.J. Archer and more.

Originally aired Sunday, February 4 on ESPN from AMF Bowlero in Houston, Texas.

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38 Comments on “2018 State Farm CP3 PBA Celebrity Invitational”

    1. @J. Cosio Basic objectives? The basic objective is knocking down the pins lmao. Stop trying to gatekeep bowling he can bowl how he wants to.

  1. I hated Chris Paul for a while but when he came here he has def contributed tons for the city that has been unnoticed. Seems like a great dude

  2. We’ve seen multi-sport pro athletes before (Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders) but I don’t think there has ever been anyone as dominant in 2 professional sports as Mookie Betts. The greatest hitter currently in baseball (.346 average earning him the AL Batting Title and a 30 HR/30 SB season, first ever player in MLB history to have a 30/30 season while winning a batting title) and his 300 game in the World Series of Bowling, he not only competes at the highest level in bowling, he is arguably the greatest bowler on tour when he decides to bowl.

  3. the first strike that Chris got in the final match in the first frame . so lucky. I keep replaying that shot because his reaction and Dave’s reaction are absolutely brilliant lol

  4. CP3 saying that spares are like free throws, truly a valid statement. You may not directly win a game making free throws or spares, but you can damn well lose one missing them.

  5. Norm Duke, all strikes, all perfect in the pocket for a celebrity game! CP3 covering the split! 259!

  6. I loved the T.O critic. That was great for him as a player. Bet he gets better, not that he needs it cause he’s a great bowler.

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