2019 Ebonite Fall Classic | B Squad Qualifying

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🚨 2019 Ebonite Fall Classic Bowling Tournament

• LIVE from Maple Lanes on Saturday September 14th, 2019 in Waterloo, Iowa

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🎳7 games of qualifying.


• Ebonite
• Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau
• Budweiser
• Kingpin Grill
• Logo Infusion
• Hampton Inn

Mike Flanagan brings you the action.

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6 Comments on “2019 Ebonite Fall Classic | B Squad Qualifying”

  1. Sounds like your board has “reverb” effects on it for different types of hall sounds…. it makes your audio sound more “live” thru the use of echoes and delays.

  2. Oh, I use bowling ball feelings against them all the time. Short example… Not bowling well with say the Fire Forge I take my IQ Emerald and just set it next to the Forge on the ball return. Forge is now intimidated into knocking down more pins… Works a lot! Scare tactics amongst balls! It works….

    One time I set all the balls I had with me under the rack. Emerald perked right up and I shot 730

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