2019 PBA Illinois Open Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2019 PBA Illinois Open, the third and final event of the FloBowling PBA Summer Swing, feature EJ Tackett, Jason Belmonte, Sean Rash, Anthony Simonsen and Jason Sterner.

Originally streamed live on FloBowling August 29, 2019 from Parkside Lanes in Aurora, Illinois.

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31 Comments on “2019 PBA Illinois Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. Some of us are so happy that chris barnes is on here and actually knows the extreme technical side of bowling. The few of us that actually knows what he’s saying, it makes it so satisfying.

    1. @ProjectEpsilon Spot on. Barnes is an excellent analyst/commentator, despite his voice, which I agree with you is annoying. Another top-notch announcer whose voice was annoying was Denny Schreiner from the late 80s/early 90s ESPN telecasts. Best analyst with the perfect voice has to be Nelson Burton Jr.

    1. I agree that he got all the breaks, but he played like a champ and reaped the rewards. He fully deserved the win.

  2. This might be the most impressive win I’ve seen in a while. Running the ladder on these heavy weights!!

    1. Bob S No I didn’t see his thumb. Can u give me a time stamp please if you can.

  3. congratulations for winning! I like how you throw! Please keep doing a good job! I support you from Japan!

  4. Chris Barnes “vaunted thunderdome” remark makes reference to the Arena at Thunder Bowl in Allen Park, Michigan.
    The place where Dale Eagle made short work of Barnes in some “friendly” action matches. The best part came after the last game when Eagle offered Barnes some of his winnings for Barnes’s boys.
    Chris Barnes declined and walked away. Lynda Barnes was much more gracious. Keep it classy Chris.

  5. I like Jason sterner. Traditional right handed bowler and he has a natural charisma that makes me appreciate the sport more.

  6. Sterner’s reputation could rival Duke. This might be one of the best stepladder runs in the history of the PBA.

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