2020 Ebonite Fall Classic | The Finals – Bracket & Stepladder

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🚨 2020 Ebonite Fall Classic Bowling Tournament
⭐️ 2020 Ebonite Fall Classic | The Finals – Bracket & Stepladder
• LIVE from Cadillac XBC on Sunday September 20th, 2020 in Waterloo, Iowa.

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🎳 Top 10 bowlers compete for the title. The top 4 are seeded into a stepladder finals with positions 5-10 try to advance through a modified bracket.


• Ebonite
• USA Mortgage
• Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau
• Budweiser
• OP Restaurant on Ridgeway
• Allen's Hunting & Fishing Guide Service
• Hampton Inn

Mike Flanagan brings you the action.

➡️ Find out more about the GIBA at GIBA-Bowling.com

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11 Comments on “2020 Ebonite Fall Classic | The Finals – Bracket & Stepladder”

    1. InsideBowling watching was much more enjoyable than bowling in the event Saturday. Toughest shot I’ve experienced in any GIBA event.

  1. Really dislike the two-handed release. Almost every final match I have watched this year has had at least one person using this technique. It’s kind of dominating the sport right now.

    1. as a two hander myself alot of the new two handers I see throw the ball wrong. they are spinning the ball with both hands inside of releasing it with one. i shot 728 today in league and every ball I threw was near perfect and the release point.

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