2020 PBA Scorpion Championship Stepladder Finals (WSOB XI) | Full PBA Bowling Telecast

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The stepladder finals of the 2020 PBA Scorpion Championship feature Jakob Butturff, Carsten Hansen, BJ Moore and Darren Tang.

Originally aired on FS1 October 5, 2020 from Bowlero Centreville in Centreville, Virginia.

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35 Comments on “2020 PBA Scorpion Championship Stepladder Finals (WSOB XI) | Full PBA Bowling Telecast”

  1. Had someone still my entire bowling bag the other day. Have no clue how I will afford to replace my stuff.. sucks😭

    1. @James Drehoble III what in the world makes someone take what’s not theres I’ll never understand. I’m hopeful they will turn up at a pawn shop or maybe at a neighboring counties pro shop. I’ve let everyone within 200miles know what to look for. I’m hopeful

    2. @James Drehoble III To throw some salt in the wound the travel case/bag was brand new!! Still had the tags on it

  2. This year in particular, the pros are just not listening to Randy. Pick up those spares better guys!! Do some practice time with spare ball, work with someone in lanes to spot pins. Worth the cost, I’m sure. Set up a few splits to make yourself even better. Comes down to how bad you want to win, huh? Darn it Darren…!!

  3. Underneath where the scores are shown on the TV could you put the name of the bowling ball the the player is throwing every time?

    1. @POCTOP BOOLSHEET!! Same I want him to take a scorpion title. He’s been in the scorpion finals like 4 times

  4. I’ve never seen so many splits broken up than what Tang had. Pulled so many shots. Should’ve listened to the ball rep

  5. Watching PBA bowling on youtube >>>>>> watching any other sport on TV. Even PBA on Tv is the best, least commercials. Commercials totally ruin the viewing experience of all major sports nowadays

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