2021 Ebonite Fall Classic | The Finals

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🚨 2021 Ebonite Fall Classic Bowling Tournament
⭐️ 2021 Ebonite Fall Classic | The Finals
• LIVE from Maple Lanes on Sunday September 19th, 2021 in Waterloo, Iowa.

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🎳 The top 10 compete for the title at the 2021 Ebonite Fall Classic.


• Ebonite
• USA Mortgage
• Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau
• Budweiser & Bud Light
• OP Restaurant on Ridgeway
• Hampton Inn
• Quik Star Quik Trip

Mike Flanagan brings you the action.

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9 Comments on “2021 Ebonite Fall Classic | The Finals”

  1. Ok!! I have seen enough of this over my lifetime!! Right handers listen to me. When you see a Left hander throwing up 5,6,7 on the left side, take your hand out of it, and throw up 5,6,7 on the right side!! You will never beat a lefty swinging it 25 to 8 when they are going straight up 5,6,7!! Rules to live by!! Thank me later

    1. No one plays up 5,6,7. There is less traffic on the left side so there is a fresher pattern over there. Playing 25 to 8 is creating more angle with less ball speed. Playing straight on a dry lane will just burn up the ball too soon due to friction or cross over. No one is going to thank you. Keep throwing your house ball and stop giving. bad advice

    2. Mr Carr…. up 5,6,7 only looks good on the fresh for right handers when there’s LITTLE TO NO TRAFFIC. that line is not there after 3,4,5,6 games. This step ladder was after 7-8 games there fore the rightys only advantage is to play within the traffic around 25-8… 😑

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