2021 Nightmare Doubles Bowling Tournament | Baker Finals

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🚨 2021 Nightmare Doubles Bowling Tournament | Baker Finals
• LIVE from All Fam Bowling Center in Cabot, Arkansas on Sunday October 24th.

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🎳 Enjoy 8 Games of Doubles Baker Round Robin Match Play on a House Shot condition.


• Brunswick
• Brooks Agency
• Bowl 101
• First Community Bank
• SPECIAL FUNDRAISER for: Pine Bluff Police Department in honor of Det. Kevin Collins

Mike Flanagan brings you the action.

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5 Comments on “2021 Nightmare Doubles Bowling Tournament | Baker Finals”

  1. Ball Technology made this game too easy now. Just about everyone who can hook the Ball looks like a Pro Bowler on the tour. Back in the Mark Roth era, everyone thought he through a powerful hook. Compare that to today’s bowlers, Roth’s Ball looked like he through it straight. Maybe it’s time to make the pins heavier to keep up with the new striking power the Bowling Balls now have.

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