2021 PBA Regional Players Invitational Championship Match | Joe Bailey vs. Carlos Granados

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The championship match of the 2021 PBA Regional Players Invitational features Joe Bailey vs. Carlos Granados.

Originally streamed live on PBA Facebook Live from South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas.

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25 Comments on “2021 PBA Regional Players Invitational Championship Match | Joe Bailey vs. Carlos Granados”

  1. 18:12 Not gonna lie, that was an absolutely incredible 4-6-10 split conversion for Granados, the shot of the match for sure. Congratulations also to “…” for their well-earned regional title as well.

    1. @Prototype Jack Thanks, appreciate it. I believe before there was some guy called Thomas Macarrick or sth which not only spoils the winners but also the end scores for every match as well.

      Obviously it’s absolutely pointless and unreasonably annoying, so I don’t want to do that, well technically I shouldn’t be looking at the comments before watching the entire videos but still.

      Anyways thanks again. 👍

  2. Phil did an excellent job covering this event, and I’m thankful he brought it for fans to enjoy. Easily could’ve chosen to not cover it, but chose to give bowling fans the coverage they deserve.

  3. Wow I had that happened once on some double wood. I totally missed the second pin but the front pin bounced off the side wall, hit my ball, and crashed into the other pin. It was a very unique sound.

  4. I hope Bailey reconsiders not bringing a spare ball. It cost him the championship. That eighth frame, his ball hooked just enough to bring it off line.

  5. “ A little short on the follow through on that one.” I guess The announcer didn’t realize that bailey actually has a short follow through on every one of his shots.

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