2022 Ebonite Winter Classic | A Squad Qualifying

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🚨 2022 Ebonite Winter Classic Bowling Tournament
⭐️ 2022 Ebonite Winter Classic | A Squad Qualifying
• LIVE from Cadillac XBC on Saturday January 8th, 2022 in Waterloo, Iowa.

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🎳 7 games of qualifying.


• Ebonite
• USA Mortgage
• Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau
• Budweiser
• OP Restaurant on Ridgeway
• Infusion Bowling
• Kwik Star / Kwik Trip
• Hampton Inn

Mike Flanagan brings you the action.

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11 Comments on “2022 Ebonite Winter Classic | A Squad Qualifying”

  1. Thank you Mike! Why are you not replacing Randy Pedersen???? You are THE MOST entertaining commentator in the Biz. Anywho we are blessed to have you on here.

  2. No need to replace Pederson. A partnership The Mike n Randy Show would be just fine with me! I would enjoy the banter between the 2!

  3. Thank you for your video. I thought you did an excellent job of interviewing the players. Your perspective was unique, as we seldom get interviews that reveal the players

  4. On 1:47:10 i was laughing with him too cause i thought he noticed how he lets go off the ball and almost looked like he’s doing a ballet dancing.

  5. hey mike! around 2:10:00ish you were talking about why bowlers look down at their feet after a bad shot… I do it just to make sure that I didn’t drift more or less than my normal. Like if I thought it was a good shot and it hooks way early, I will definitely look down just to verify that my eyes are seeing the right thing on the lanes so I can try to not waste a move on a shot that I drifted an extra 2 boards.

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