2022 Ebonite Winter Classic | The Finals

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🚨 2022 Ebonite Winter Classic Bowling Tournament
⭐️ 2022 Ebonite Winter Classic | The Finals
• LIVE from Cadillac XBC on Sunday January 9th, 2022 in Waterloo, Iowa.

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🎳 Modified Bracket and Stepladder


• Ebonite
• USA Mortgage
• Waterloo Convention & Visitors Bureau
• Budweiser
• OP Restaurant on Ridgeway
• Infusion Bowling
• Kwik Star / Kwik Trip
• Hampton Inn

Mike Flanagan brings you the action.

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13 Comments on “2022 Ebonite Winter Classic | The Finals”

  1. If you told me to just watch a couple shots from Chris Wiley and asked me what I thought his average would be I’d probably say 140-150.
    His approach and release looks very basic. Looks like a typical house bowler and yet he apparently smashed this entire tournament despite
    having a very regular Joe type of approach/release/form etc.

    1. There are usually a few pros that will bowl this event although most of the bowlers are higher level amateur bowlers.

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