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  1. Great tips Coach! And thank you for #2…I was coached when I first started, and now I’m a Silver Coach, and I can say without a doubt, that makes a huge difference.

  2. I’m a pretty experienced bowler but I never thought of the third tip, good stuff!

    I might actually join the membership because I am struggling like crazy right now.

  3. I’ve seen that 3rd tip drill a couple times and I am confused. That spin is end over end as you spin it “up the back”. That will create a straighter roll from my understanding. When I watch good bowlers, they go up the side of the ball, creating that tilted spin that curves it, yet I never see that here. Please help!

  4. Focus on balance at the end of the shot and you will become more consistent bowler. I have been bowling for 10 years and until 6 months ago I was a 186-189 average. Then I realized balance at the end of the shot was the key. So now that’s what I mostly focus on. It’s improved my average to a 206 over the last 6 months

    1. Great to hear that the work you’ve done on having better balance is paying off with better results!! Thanks for watching and keep up the good work!!

  5. Watching this because I’ve been challenged by a friend to have a game. Been at least 15 years since I’ve had a game. Wish me luck 🤞

  6. I just started bowling with a league 2 months ago and bought a straight custom ball. Before, l only bowled with family and friends using house balls. I was told by the pro shop guy at the alley not to get a hooking ball yet. He said as a true beginner I should concentrate on throwing the ball straight down the lane and not to try to hook the ball yet. My average is now about 110. Should I first try to get my average up before going to a hook ball?

    1. Always work on accuracy first no matter what the sport is. All that other stuff will come much easier once you can get the ball down the center just about every time and get a strike or knock most over. Throwing it hard and down the middle has the potential to knock a lot down too.

  7. The part about coaching actually makes a lot of sense. Look at all the people who spend big on golf and tennis lessons; you can learn how to golf or play tennis without lessons, but with even a bit of coaching, people improve their game significantly, so why not get some bowling lessons?
    As far as the ball goes, people think that you have to go for a $300+ ball, but I don’t think that’s what you mean. A ball for less than $100 is no better than a house ball, but by spending just a bit more in the $150-200 range, you can get a significantly better ball (and the price includes custom drilling) without breaking the bank. Once you get better and your skills allow you to take better advantage of the technology of a top-line ball, go for it.
    One other suggestion: if you plan to go bowling even twice a month, invest in a good pair of bowling shoes. After a year you’ll have made back the money you would have spent on shoe rental, and you won’t have to worry about whether the shoes were properly disinfected after that last sweaty guy. You’ll get a nice, well-fitting pair of shoes that look like real shoes and not something from Bozo the Clown’s costume. 😉

  8. Great tips 🙄 never would have guessed better equipment and paid lessons could lead to improvement.

    1. What better way to encourage a beginner than to say “you must buy an expensive ball and hire a coach to teach you regularly”. Sounds more like a cult!

    2. @Syawaal Meerasa hiring a coach is not a “tip” its a given, buying your own ball is advice but not something practical for people who casually bowl. The third one was the only helpful tip. This video was trash 🗑

  9. I enjoy the sport as a beginner , just joined a league to develope some skills , I’m officially a teamate 😁🤟🏾

  10. All I need help with is how to hook it consistently. If I don’t hit perfect, I usually end up having to spare, or deal with a 9 or 10 pin frame….and the pattern changes throughout the game. I need my own ball. The fiber rags because the alleys are oiled and makes the ball slippery. A glove. The best time to practice is on senior citizen tournament night. They have the lanes oiled like it’s supposed to be..but be prepared.

  11. Both my parents were fanatical bowlers. My earliest memories are being bundled up in a snow coat, waiting outside our house in the cold while my mom had to deal with my fussy younger siblings. Getting in the family car. Going to the bowling alley and sitting in the children’s room with 30 other kids my age while our parents were busy bowling.

    Not kidding. These are my memories before I started grade K. I have more bowling alley memories then memories of playing around the house. 😆

    And to my parents dismay, I didn’t take interest in it until I turned 52 but, I’m not fanatical about it. Probably just something to do with keeping my earliest memories alive.

  12. Who else goes bowling for fun once and then starts watching stuff like this hoping none of your friends never catch you or you’d die of embarrassment?

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