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Our new 3G Racer features a high-quality design that was developed through extensive research and testing. Find out what's new in the 3G Racer!

White: https://www.stormbowling.com/3g-racer-white-holo-s3025-04
Black: https://www.stormbowling.com/3g-racer-black-s3028-07

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26 Comments on “3G Shoes | The All New Racers”

  1. Honestly love the look and the design. BUT…. Having to actually tie my shoes is exhausting 😂. I know Dexter has the “BOA” system under contract… but there has to be a competitor with the same feature lol. Maybe a $20 premium price version??? 👀

  2. Are they true to size or do they run a half size big like the 3G Tours? I want to be sure I pre-order the right size.

  3. Interesting they’ve just released the racers introduced as 3G in the states when we’ve had these shoes in Korea as the RG(Roto grip) Racers 🤔🤔

  4. What about left handers????? I’m tired of being a right handers getting all the prefer version of shoes.

  5. The push off sole should also be interchangeable. Also, curious to a see if the sole and heel designs make it over to the 3G Tours.

    1. It would be nice to be able yo replace the step off sole because as a two hander, I will drag my trailing sole, and often wear a slanted line and will tear the sole off

    2. If you made the push off sole interchangeable, then there would be no need for a specific “left-handed” or “right-handed” shoes….

    3. @Don Rumgay I’m pretty sure they’re referring to it as i am, the sole will wear, and will fall off, I have had two pairs I’ve had to replace due to excessive wear, and I know a friend of mine who has duct tape holding the sole on. So it would be nice to have at least a replacement sole so we don’t pay $100 for one shoe that is in good condition

  6. I’d be interested but you guys don’t offer larger sizes. The Dexter SST8 PRO is the only premium shoe I can find in size 16. These shoes look great, I’d love to try them if you offered bigger sizes.

  7. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling shoes with new technology in the bowling shoes storm bowling

  8. Do you all have brand ambassadors? I would be interested in testing/making video for them. They look nice!

  9. Do these go up to size 15? Since you stopped the Tour Ultras at 14, this would be a great option if it was in 15.

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