18 Comments on “4 Key Areas to Focus on While Bowling Leagues & Tournaments”

  1. Good stuff I get in uncharted waters sometimes when I get a string of strikes and get out of routine. Stay in routine and make proper adjustments better thinking. I like it should take care of nerves.

  2. Great tips, and exactly what I do every time I bowl. It’s taken me about 25 years to learn this, but I’m bowling better than I ever have.

  3. The only other area is, the bar, lol! Seriously though, I’ve never seen it explained like that. 👍🖐

  4. I was a bowling geek in junior high back in the mid seventies. Haven’t bowled since; I’m afraid I jettisoned any chances of a pro bowling future after I foolishly but as it turned out wisely switched to soccer and cross country when I began high school. I wish I could honestly say thanks for the memories.

  5. I can listen to this man all day. he is bowling’s equivalent to our David Attenborough on wildlife. He speaks, you listen

  6. Great advice. I can’t watch college girl bowling – hi-fiving the whole time after every single roll when they should be focusing on adjusting for the next roll.

    1. Oh trust me, they focus on adjusting for the next shot and what the next bowler will need to do…the celebrating is secondary to that.

      I bowled in college and trust me, some of those college girl teams are deceptively good.

  7. So here’s my issue. I took 35 years off to raise a family. I’m now 67 and have picked up bowling again. I’m 5’10, 165 lbs. and in good shape. Able to walk a golf course a few times a week and no debilitating injuries over the years.
    Back in the mid 80’s I averaged 190 – 195 with a Brunswick Edge and a Columbia White Dot spare ball.
    I went to my local Pro Shop and bought a used Game Break 2 Reactive 15 lb. ball to noodle around with and get back into bowling.
    I play a basic ‘Stroker’ house type shot between the 1st and 2nd arrow because I don’t have tons of revolution. My flare pattern is just outside left of the thumb hole in what used to be called a semi-roller pattern. Not sure if that terminology still applies. It’s been two months and I decided to buy a Urethane ball and chose a Purple Hammer, 14 lbs. I can’t say I have greater carry with either ball but the way the technology has changed I’m pretty lost.
    Any advice on the type of ball I should be playing before I start bowling in a league?
    Reactive? Urethane? Symetric? Asymetric?

    1. Tough to pick specific balls without knowing your game but using a reactive ball would be suggested, maybe starting out with symetric. Since reactive balls tend to produce a stronger ball motion, playing the 5-10 board area my to a bit too dry and you may have to move your feet and target more inside to see a better ball reaction. Glad that you’re getting back out onto the lanes and good luck!!

    2. @InsideBowling Thanks for all your advice. I joined a summer league that gives you a ball for joining. I’m going to take your advice and choose a reactive ball and work on playing a little more inside in practice and see what happens over a 15 week season. Love your channel.

  8. for me I just aim at the arrows depending on what spare I leave but I’m going to try the two target system to see if I can get better hitting the pocket

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