5 Bowling Hacks in 5 Minutes to Help You Bowl Your Best!

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5 Bowling Hacks in 5 Minutes to Help You Bowl Your Best!
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• Mike Shady is a silver level certified bowling coach and a coach for Team USA bowling.
• In this learn to bowl video, Coach Shady shows you five essential tips in just five minutes to improve your bowling game.
• Check back weekly for more informative tips to help you bowl better from coach Shady.
• Know it! Learn it! Live it!

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34 Comments on “5 Bowling Hacks in 5 Minutes to Help You Bowl Your Best!”

  1. Great video! Packs a lot of good stuff into five minutes. I am a fairly new silver coach, and I always tell my students the ball should hold on to your hand, and the ball should swing your arm, not the other way around. Huge believer in tight thumb holes…I preach using tape to achieve that perfect snugness. If I were to add one more tip, it would be that you don’t have to overpower a typical house shot…less effort, less muscle, and more consistency is often the key to success.

    1. A great example of what you said on that last point is that every bowler knows how easy it is to strike on that twelve frame fill ball. After you’ve made your spare in the 10th frame, you tend to relax and just let the next ball roll. On that last ball you often get the strike that you might have been struggling to get all game long. That’s because you stopped trying to overpower the shot. Less is more.

    2. Ironfangzu Soooo true, I have had a problem with doing this for years and it’s so hard to do once you develop a bad habit for so long. Great example for me is the spare shot…I’m always more relaxed thus the ball comes off my hand like butter and everything just “works”.

  2. Coach Shady and Mike! Great content, love this segment and always want more! Good Stuff here ✊🏽👍🏽✌🏽😊✌🏽👌🏽✊🏽 can’t wait to apply this back on the lanes…

  3. I have watched videos of Mine Shady bowling with the 11th Frame Team for years. He is one of the best and his bowling instructions are excellent!

  4. I have been watching these tips for a few weeks as im now getting into bowling with friends. I went from 95 to 130 to 160 average quickly. I just bowled my first ever game over 200 with a score of 259 (which im sure was mostly luck) but these videos have really helped

    1. I watched these guys over the summer then bought the summer pass at my local bowling alley that lets me bowling how many games I want and whenever I want for kind of free just have to pay $80 before actually doing it for the summer. I went from 144 to 210, they think I lived there for the summer. Take advantage of your bowling alley, to get a better score. I hope I didn’t imply that wrong.

    2. @Stephen Mora switch up your form a little maybe, the ball will go the way your feet at facing, keep your shoulders straight and hit your spares.

    3. Damn that’s awesome mate great work! 259!, I hope to do the same, just getting started here.

  5. I used the tip on rotating your wrist anti clockwise and it worked a treat. I immediately saw a better rev rate.

  6. I did this today, I was losing to my friends and was behind 20 points, I searched up how to bowl on YouTube right on the spot and watched this video. I got 3 straight strikes and got the dub 🤤

    1. That’s awesome!! Glad this video helped you and helped you to beat your friends! Thanks for the comment and thanks for watching our videos!!

  7. I’m gonna be honest, I am in the bowling alley right now and I couldn’t bowl at all, I watched this video in my seat and stepped up and got a strike. Thank you so much

  8. I was at empire in Webster and I watched this video and it helped me do better than my last 5 games (I did 6 games). This video is the most helpful thing that I ever watched.

  9. Awesome! We backed off from recreational bowling due to our areas pandemic increase…. Hoping to be back on the lanes soon…. Initially didn’t care to get “good”, but always trying to get a little better! 😉 Now, after seeing just 2 short tutorials, I am eager to get both better and good! Going to search your channel for something about ball weight! Thanks so much!!

  10. I have to thank you very much, I watched this video just over an hour ago and I got 118 from a 50 a couple months ago. This is a great guide would recommend to new bowlers. 👌

  11. Tip #4. Wow! Who knew the swing, release and hook you can get just by having great fundamentals and letting the rock do the work would look so effortless! I mean, I’ve been massing with some E.J. Tackett type releases like crazy and no wonder I was all over the shop!

  12. Thank you guys for the straight forward video, no unnecessary chatter is much more appreciated than yall may realize

  13. Watched your vid before going bowling with the fam. Can’t even remember the last time I bowled. Shot a 118 even with a 0 in the first frame. Thanks I just followed your advice

  14. My league average was at 197 two years ago and now it is 171.. I am struggling and I have no clue. Extremely Frustrating. I watched this video Wednesday and wrote down the steps. I bowled Wednesday night and NO LIE, first game was a 289. Missed a 300 in the 10th frame. 225, and 182 for a 696. I never comment, but I had to, to this video. Thank you!

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