A Ball, Bag and Shoe Package Makes a Great Gift

Earlier this month, we looked at some of the best individual items to buy your bowling obsessed loved ones this Holiday season. But today I want to do something different. I want to look at the best gift you can give to someone that isn’t an avid bowler: a beginner’s package.

Pretty much every Pro Shop nowadays offers some sort of package (ball, bag, and shoes) for everyone. We at BowlersMart — and many others — offer two types of packages: reactive packages and plastic packages.

Both are great options to give the kids in your family to get them involved in the sport. I can attest to this, personally. As a kid, when I put my first pair of bowling shoes on, I never took them off. And I find this to be true with most kids.

We, as bowlers, have to help our own sport and grow it from within, not without.

I can think of no better way to do that than to gift a package to a child this holiday season. And, honestly, being in the pro shop business, I am happy to say that I am seeing more and more of this, this season.

In fact, I would go as far as to say this year, more so than any other year, I have seen the number of package sales rise exponentially.

And what does that mean for us as an industry? More bowlers!

And hopefully more league bowlers, then competitive bowlers, then, if all goes according to plan, lifelong bowlers.

No matter how long you have been bowling, I am sure we all started the same way: we got out own ball.

And there is nothing quite like it. That first ball. I still, to this day, remember my first ball, what it looked like, what it felt like, and how it made me feel. It hooked me. And that same thing, as I said before, happens to kids all over the country every single day. We just have to get them started.

It really is that simple. And I am happy that it is happening. I am happy with how many package sales I am seeing. And I am happy with the amount of potential bowlers we are developing through the sale of these packages.

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BowlersMart opened their first store in 2004 in Hudson Florida as Cliff Barnes’ Pro Shop. Our goals were simple:
1) Offer the best customer service at the lowest possible prices.
2) Have a wide variety of inventory readily available for same day service.
3) Have clean, bright well merchandised stores.
4) Help our customers enjoy the sport as much as possible so they can reach their goals.
5) Help grow the game of bowling by repeating steps 1 through 4.

Since 2004 we have grown to be one of the largest retailers in the country with 31 stores and counting and now offer the website with the same values as our stores.

Our low no haggle price in store is the same as our website so you can be assured you are getting the best possible prices and service.

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