A Tribute to Sean Swanson | Husband, Father, Son, Friend, & Bowler

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Sean Swanson, the most accomplished professional bowler to come out of Springfield, lost a three-year-long battle to cancer on Sunday May 24th, 2015 — his 46th birthday.

Swanson was diagnosed in 2012 with a rare form of cancer called Pleomorphic Sarcoma.

"It's incurable, it's reoccurring and the best hope right now is to maintain and have no new growth," Swanson said in a December interview of the tumors that invaded his abdominal area.

Multiple surgeries removed the tumors, but they kept growing back. Chemotherapy and other trial treatments had taken Swanson to Washington University in St. Louis weekly over the last year.

Swanson won 19 Professional Bowlers Association regional titles and was a runner-up in the 1998 Oregon Open, his lone full season on the PBA National Tour.

Well known throughout the pro circuit, especially in the Midwest and South, condolences poured in on Swanson's Facebook page when the word of his death spread on Sunday.

When he was nominated for the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame last winter, Swanson was unable to list how many perfect games he had bowled. There were so many, he had lost track.

Since being diagnosed in 2012, Swanson became active in trying to raise money for cancer awareness through the Cox Health Foundation locally. Earlier this month, he spearheaded a bowling fundraiser and auction called "Strike Out Sarcoma" at Andy B's, where he ran the Winning Edge Pro Shop.

Swanson is survived by wife Angie, son Kaleb, daughter Victoria and stepson Justin.

For information about the "Strike Out Sarcoma" drive that was dear to Swanson, contact the Cox Health Foundation at 269-7150.

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18 Comments on “A Tribute to Sean Swanson | Husband, Father, Son, Friend, & Bowler”

  1. Beautiful video. God bless this family. I never got to meet Sean officially, but as a co worker of Angie I know he gave his all before being called home. Keep this family in my thoughts and prayers

  2. I couldn’t finish watching it. I started crying and couldn’t stop because my grandpa lost his fight to cancer in January. It is a great tribute video. I am saddened to see anyone lose their fight to cancer. I know he will be remembered greatly. And one day hopefully no one will ever lose their fight to cancer again.

  3. This is for my uncle Sean. Who I haven’t seen since kaleb was a little boy. But Sean was the greatest influence in my life. I never got the chance to tell him before his passing. But Sean was the man tht thought me everything at the time I was young and didn’t understand till I became a man uncle swanny I love you with all my heart. And I’ll keep all of what u told in my heart. Darrin Greene.

    1. darrin greene. He was inducted into the Springfield Hall ofFame today so I was rewatching the video when I saw my name pop up on this comment. If Dad was your uncle, then are we cousins? It’s Kaleb.

    2. Darrin, it’s been seven years I don’t know if you will ever see this. I second kalebs question, I’m his little sister. Are we cousins as far as we knew we never had cousins on my dads side

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