Absolute Power 7 Ways

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All shots performed on a 42' house pattern.

Find out more about the Absolute Power here: https://www.stormbowling.com/absolute-power-bbmvaw12

Coverstock: R2S™ DEEP Solid Reactive
Core: Sentinel™ Core
Finish: 4000-grit Abralon
Color: Berry / Tangelo / Steel
Fragrance: Blueberry Orange Cake

✔️0:00 Cortez
✔️0:32 Steve
✔️1:04 Lindsay
✔️1:39 Chad
✔️2:19 Yannick
✔️2:50 Ken
✔️3:22 Hank

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34 Comments on “Absolute Power 7 Ways”

    1. @@ChampionshipBowlingall good maybe if you can upload a video of your own about it once it’s out? I would definitely watch!!

    1. @@BornIn1500 bruh i would be Gen Y/Millenials if anything lmao.

      also i used to be a 1 handed bowler but after a bad motorcycle accident i couldn’t do it anymore and quit bowling for a few years till i saw a video of belmo and was like ay dad want to go to the bowling alley and since i started two handed bowling 2 years ago i haven’t stopped since and my Avg is around 150-160 and just need to work on knocking out the 7 corner spare since i have high rev rate with a 16-18mph ball speed.

    2. I don’t bowl two handed, but it seems really dumb for Storm to not include that. Missing a huge part of the market

  1. Nice, but how many bowling balls do we need every year? This year there was something like well over a hundred bowling balls released across the manufacturers, which is a bit ridiculous.

    1. If you think it’s bad now the industry is releasing 20 to 30 percent LESS in new releases than they did prior to covid. Go look at the number of releases for 2017, 2018, 2019 and I guarantee they’re 30 balls higher than now

  2. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball storm absolute power bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

    1. @scottythompson940 SICK, TROLLING TROLLING of yet ANOTHER STORM VIDEO More trolling bowling bowling ball Absolute power bowling ball with nano technology more strikes more spares MORE TROLLING with strike and spare hitting power bowling bowling ball SICK SICK Scotty Thompson TROLLING TROLLING bowling bowling Storm Bowling Ball

  3. My thoughts when I see Storm ball release videos:
    “Hi I’m the storm security guard – I have a 550 rev rate and beam the ball 19 mph” 😅

    Also was Lindsay referring to the virtual energy or did she actually mean the Virtual gravity?

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