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USBC Gold coach Ron Hoppe and USBC Hall of Famer Carolyn Dorin-Ballard discuss bowling technique as it relates to proper arm swing. Watch as they explore some of the common issues that may prevent bowlers from achieving a proper arm swing. These issues include ball fit, spine tilt and body positioning.

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13 Comments on “Achieving Proper Arm Swing | USBC Bowling Academy”

    1. Hi Joey.  The facility is Haley’s Pro Shop in Washington state and the instructor is USBC Gold Coach Ron Hoppe. There is a single lane in the building next to the pro shops drill presses so everything is self-contained and user friendly for the staff and customers.For more information, visit their website or contact them at the information below.HALEY’S PRO SHOP1097 Peterson Rd.Burlington, WA 98233360-840-2384 (Call/Text for pro shop)206-931-1933 (Call/Text for Lessons with Ron Hoppe)Email: haleysproshop@yahoo.comHours: By AppointmentThanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

    2. USBC Bowling Academy I wish I could find a good pro shop with knowledgeable people in my area. Thanks for your​videos on YouTube because that’s been helping me learn bowling.

  1. Coach Ron, is there anything that will help me with my swing and release for my arm that has a lot of deflection? If I try to swing with my elbow pointing straight forward it throw my steps off because of the imbalance created from my ball being farther from my body. I can rotate my forearm in and get a good free straight swing but then with my fingers more on the outside of the ball I have a difficult time trying to get anything on the ball from that position. Is there a thumb pitch that would help any with this type of bowling arm?

  2. I’m not sure I understand how that’s a fit problem. I have the same exact problem where my hand keeps breaking to the outside of the ball as I push my ball. Ever since I started bowling, I’ve always struggled with staying under the ball. I don’t have the strongest wrist either so that doesn’t help at all. I honestly think it’s just a bad habit when your hand moves after the push away, and it’s really hard to correct that habit. Does anyone have any tips on how to reduce hand movement during the push away?

    1. @jakethehud those are some good videos, thanks. I will try and apply that to my game. The next issue is my position at the point of release. I always find myself on top of the ball. Even I feel like my hand is locked, no matter how hard I try I just can’t get under the ball. Which could also be why my thumb hangs up a lot because my thumb is pointing down instead of forward. I’m going to a more stretched span and see if that helps

    2. @Phil’s awesome vlogsAgain watch the Daria Pajak side view release video, and keep your fingers below the centre of the ball, with no wrist bend, use the thumb from the knuckle down to the web of your hand to hold the ball. Do the “Foul line drill,” shown in the video by Verity Crawley. You can do this at home on a carpeted surface and have a pillow in front to stop the ball. Do this without trying to put anything on the ball, until it becomes natural. As it says in the foul line drill, both the downswing and the follow through should be done by gravity, with your arm relaxed. Then when you feel comfortable enough to add rotation/tilt, when you release the ball, vision bringing your hand up to shake someone’s hand. This way you end with your thumb facing up. All of this would still apply even if you have to change distance between fingers and thumb. Remember what Mo Pinel said about the thumb pitch, if your getting a ball drilled. Also, if you need help with alignment, on google search, type in “understanding 3 point targeting.” Don’t watch the video but click on the Kegel sight “understanding 3 point targeting with quiet eye in 7 easy steps.” Then you can watch the video. Good luck and happy bowling.

    3. @jakethehud Thank you so much, that is great advice. I think I now understand what my problem is. My hand is starting to get bigger, and my span needs to be longer. I throw a finger tip grip, and my pitches might need more reverse.

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