Anthony Simonsen Faces Off in the Roto Grip Challenge! | Roto Grip - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

Anthony Simonsen, PBA National Staffer, takes on Storm's very own Kendle Miles in a Roto Grip Challenge! Each uses Magic Gem, TNT Infused, and Clone in a 5 round match! This battle is going to be EPIC!
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8 Comments on “Anthony Simonsen Faces Off in the Roto Grip Challenge! | Roto Grip”

  1. A chance to show what Simo can really do with any kind of bowling ball and they only care about strikes and backup balls. Jeeze, guys, he’s the most versatile bowler out there. I don’t think you really can appreciate what versatility actually means. He can vary his speeds between 3-5 mph higher or lower, he can rotate fully over the ball 90 degrees or back it up negative degrees and is proficient in all of those rotations, he can decrease and increase his rev rate at will, he can create so many shapes on a lane with any kind of ball and have the ball go through the pins with a perfect strike. Ask him next time to purposefully leave a 2 pin and a 9 pin and how he’s doing that, he’ll tell you.

  2. Roto Slim!!! Just curious what’s Simo’s Layout on his Magic Gem and grips that he uses. I’m trying to step up my two hand game. I’ve been bowling. Conventional grips for a while and looking to get into grips.

  3. This was a good video I enjoyed the watch!
    Now on another note I know it’s petty but why call him Simo? We already have a Belmo. He’s too good of a bowler to have a knock off name. That’s just my opinion tho.
    Anyways, great video guys!

  4. Cool to see Simo in a challenge video. Maybe Kendall should have played no tap. Lol. Straight up 1v1 isn’t fair.

  5. I love Simonsens’ backup throw, I’ve been practising that, and it’s definitely worth implementing it in your game, just having the right layout on the ball.

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