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All shots performed on a 42' house pattern.

Find out more about the Attention Star here:

Coverstock: eTrax™ PLUS Pearl Reactive

Core: Momentous™ AV + A.I. Core
Finish: Reacta Gloss™
Color: Berry / Silver / Iron

✔️0:00 Stefanie
✔️0:45 Anthony
✔️1:26 Josh
✔️2:04 Lindsay
✔️2:47 Hank
✔️3:28 Ken
✔️4:07 Steve - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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21 Comments on “Attention Star 7 Styles”

    1. mid performance balls dont exist anymore bro now its “premium weak balls” marketing BS!! dont forget to tip your pro shop guy after he charges you 80$ for 2 holes and doesnt ask your layout!

  1. Wonder what happened with Josh’s release over the years. The elbow used to be fully extended through the slot and at the flat spot which makes it easier to work from below the equator, now the elbow @ 1:50 is bent and he’s working the ball from the wrong half… injuries, Father Time, idk but it’s noticeable as someone who watched his reviews as far back as the bowlersdeals videos

  2. Love it! Two different female styles 🎉 . Thank you. Ball looks good going down the lane; nice colors too.

  3. Nice video! I like the different styles and perspectives, from Simo to Johnson. I think everyone can identify with at least one of the reviewers. 🌟

    1. Scotty Thompson >>>>>> Ridiculous, Juvenile, Childish TROLLING by a “man” child. Will there EVER be a video where you ACTUALLY contribute anything of substance ??? Can YOU put EVEN two “intelligent” sentences together ??? YOU TROLL everything from this channel to Luis Napoles ( YOU can’t even spell his name ) to the PWBA and PBA … and EVEN Sarah Klaussen’s channel …. and god knows how many others …. sick of your nonsense !!!!

  4. Let’s see, throw the ball between 17mph and 19 mph and perhaps this video has some meaning to you. Average league bowler is around 15mph, super Senior like me, it’s even slower. I use a Gem in league and it’s runs between 11.5 and 13. Lanes and oil also affect the ball, typical house shot, sport pattern, etc.

    1. @@jakesnussbuster3565 Really the above poster DOES make a good point. Your comment is childish and not necessary. Many can’t use these new releases to their full potential …. Why ? Because they are “average” guys and gals …. these videos don’t represent their “style” of bowling. Be better than your comment please …. otherwise you’re no better than that ridiculous “man” child TROLL Scotty Thompson

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